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             MANY BLESSINGS in

Lekòl Toupatou (School Everywhere), the project led by Madame Marie Marthe Balin Franck Paul of College Canapé Vert, expands in Port-au-Prince, Cayes Jacmel, and Nippes. We have three new locations, 10 new teachers, for literacy across Haiti!

14 Years of 'Gratitude'--the EFE school (Ecole Foyer Espoir) and the FEPE (Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants) orphanage in Delmas of Port-au-Prince, celebrate their 1000s of students since 2010! Sticking Up For Children particularly thanks 
JENNIFER MAXWLL and now the JAMBAR Foundation for aiding this progress over a decade.


In New Orleans and the USA we reconnect with the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp and Hungry for Music and their respective founders.
JACKIE HARRIS and JEFF CAMPBELL, to help young musicians develop.


And there's MUSIC as you browse. Click below to hear one Haitian song selected by MARIE JO POUX, founder of FEPE, from her favorites.

The Josephs trio of Haiti (Romel Joseph violin, Victoria Joseph viola, and Bradley Joseph piano) perform the tune by Rodolf Legros from the poem by Emile Roumer: "Marabou de Mon Couer".


The Josephs - Marabout de Mon Coeur for Violin, Viola, & Piano.Artist Name
00:00 / 05:08

Lekòl Toupatou (School Everywhere) in
Port-au-Prince, Cayes Jacmel, and Nippes.

ERNSEAU JOSEPH, Feb 10 2024 still form Zoom Meeting copy.png

Mr. Ernseau Joseph, an Attorney in Haiti and a life-insurance agent and tax-preparer in Florida, has begun a 
Fondation that provides aid to farmers in Nippes, one of 
10 Departments in Haiti. He and his Fondation and at least 10 educators are partnering with Sticking Up For Children to bring Lekòl Toupatou to three locations in Nippes.


Haitians and Sticking Up For Children have in 2024 raised many more means of fulfilling Lekol Toupatou's mission to bring opportunities for literacy to Haitians.  

2024 ZOOM and WhatsApp Meetings every Saturday over the past seven weeks have connected Mr. Ernseau Joseph and Educators with Madame Marie Marthe Balin Franck Paul and Lijensky Raphael at College Canapé Vert in Port-au-Prince.

Other Meetings have connected Madame Marie Yolene Desiral, lead L. T. Educator in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti,  with Mme.  Franck Paul and Lijensky.

Further meetings have connected Madame Nicole Philippe of the Comité de Solidarité Trois Rivieres in Quebec with with Sticking Up For Children in New Orleans and educators in Haiti.

Above are screen-shots from SUFC's Zoom Meeting with 10 Educators of Nippes, the Lekòl Toupatou Team in Port-au-Prince, Ernseau Joseph in Miami, and Nicole Philippe in Quebec, on Satuday, March 2.

The Meeting communicated means and goals of L T and lasted two hours and 20 minutes. That so many Haiti participated despite the difficulties there testifies AGAIN to their determination!

Participats March 2_edited.jpg

Programs for students 16 and older will begin in three Communes of Nippes: Baraderes, Fonde des Negres, and Petit Trou de Nippes, four hours per day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Haiti, 10 Departments, 2 ___.png
Nippes in southern Haiti.png

SUFC is privileged to work with FEPE and EFE over the past 10 years. In 2024 the Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE) Orphanage and the Ecole Foyer Espoir (EFE) School are celebrating with 'GRATITUDE' THEIR 14 YEARS of serving Students in the Delmas district of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. SUFC particularly thanks JENNIFER MAXWELL and her JAMBAR Foundation for support over those 10 years. Since 2021 JAMBAR
has provided more than 3000 of its award-winning 'artisan organic energy-bars' to Students' nutrition in Haiti! 
Seven more Cases, or 1008 Bars, are en route to Students in 2024! Now that's GENEROSITY--check out JAMBAR'S 19 other Partners in Purpose! That's SOLIDARITY! That's answering Staff's and Students' COMMITMENT with responsive COMMITMENT! 

Pre-Kindergarten Class at Ecole Foyer Espoir in Delmas suburb of Port-au-Prince.png

The nine youngest students living in the FEPE orphanage
are known as "Le Petit Train" because they line up with hands on one another's shoulders, tallest to shortest, and
then move ... like a train. 

FEPE students working at home, Feb 2024.jpg
Olivier photographing.png

Olivier with camera.

Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 3.26.55 PM.png

FEPE Students with their homework. Photographs by Jean Baptiste Olivier, who was a FEPE Student from 2010 onward.

Ecole Foyer Espoir--'Gratitude 14 Ans'--JONATHAND and EMMANUELA and Teacher with Certifica

Mr. Jonathand Saintiné and Mme. Emmanuella Etienne,
Administrators of EFE, with a graduating educator.

Ecole Foyer Espoir--'Gratitude 14 Ans'--Adminstrators and Teachers with Certificats.png

Fourteen of the Staff of EFE.

Ecole Foyer Espoir--'Gratitude 14 Ans'--10 other students in what appears to be an agricul

One group of EFE performers.

Ecole Foyer Espoir--'Gratitude 14 Ans'--10 younger students dancing.png

Another group of EFE performers.

Ecole Foyer Espoir--'Gratitude 14 Ans'--Nine adolescent dancers.png

Yet more of the talented EFE Students performing.

Ecole Foyer Espoir--'Gratitude 14 Ans'--Dancer advancing between rows of appreciators, app

One of the outstanding EFE Students is welcomed as she might be in New Orleans.

Ecole Foyer Espoir--'Gratitude 14 Ans'--MARIE JO POUX, co-founder of FEPE Orphange, with t

Madame Marie Jo Poux,  who founded the FEPE orphange in November 2009 and who assisted (along with Madame Franck Paul, her own teacher when Marie Jo was a schoolgirl) in the founding of EFE.

Connecting with Jackie Harris, founder and Executive Director of the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp in New Orleans,
lets us appreciate MANY great musicians and educators.

Kidd Jordan, Donald Harrison Jr., and Germaine Bazzle, ... among dozens from the Camp's Staff and decades of Artists-in-Residence; Jonathan Batiste, Trombone Shorty, Courtney Bryan, Christian Scott aTundé Adjuah, ... from the Camp's Alumni.

2024 is Jackie's and the Camp's 30th Anniversary!

Madame Marie Jo Poux,  who founded the FEPE orphange in November 2009 and who assisted (along with Madame Franck Paul, her own teacher when Marie Jo was a schoolgirl) in the founding of EFE.

Jackie 2022.png

Jackie Harris, 2022.

Donald Harrison Jr. and Fred Wesley. 2024!

MARYSE, JACKIE and LOUIS statue, Feb 27, 2024.png

Maryse passed along to Jackie a small check to signify  SUFC's and friends' appreciation of the LOUIS SATCHMO ARMSTRONG SUMMER JAZZ CAMP and the musicians
and music that the Camp furthered in our world ...  before the Louis Armstrong Park's sculpture of "Pops" in New
Orleans. This sculpture by the great Elizabeth Catlett deserves, you can see, a very good cleaning.

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