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SUFC's April 22 at the Ashé combines rare elements. We'll see 3D-prints of great New Orleans' musicians and culture-bearers, scanned from epic sculptures in Armstrong Park and presented by James and Adrienne

Catalano of Future Factory. We'll see aerial scanning by a drone. We'll hear the Community Works Children's Choir, led by singer, musician and bandleader Cole Williams. Children will again make drumsticks into art with paint- pens and learn rhythms from Haitian master drummer Damas Fanfan Louis.

This special SUFC Music & Arts Day and 3D-Printing Workshop will be simulcast to students at three of

Sticking Up For Children's youth-education partners

in Port-au-Prince, Haiti--the FEPE orphanage and EFE

school and College Canapé-Vert.

Big Chief Tootie Montana, epic sculpture by Shalene

Jones-Adenle in New

Orleans' Armstrong Park,

rendered for 3D-printing

by James Catalano from

scanning that he did on

April 7, 2017.

See the next stage, the

actual 3D-printed statuette, at SUFC's Music & Arts Day, April 22, 2017.

Click tp watch

great video of

Cole & Choir.

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