Aid for Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Video-still from Les Cayes.

Photos from Haiti's southern peninsula by Claudine Aimé of the EFE School and FEPE orphanage in Port-au-Prince.

 Sticking Up For Children is helping to fund familiies and Schools of our youth-education partners in Haiti . They're struggling for food, water, medical care, and tools for rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew. We're especailly reaching people along Haiti's southern coast. the part of Haiti most hit by the hurricane. We're helping to fund the Youpi Youpi School and its 109 students and their parents and  also helping the towns of Arniquet, Camp Perrin, and Corail.


Needs are great, as said above: food, water, and repairs to prevent spread of cholera. Click on the DONATE button here to contribute through our partner service, Electronic Funds Transfer. Please specify 'Aid to Haiti' in your comment if such is your intention. You can see more of what Sticking Up For Children is about through our Home page.  Thank you from Maryse Déjean and Don Paul. Our email is and our phone-numbers are 504-861-5017 and 504-407-3283.


Below is a photo of students at Youpi Youpi during their Haitian Flag Day ceremony of September 2016. These children and all of our youth-education partners are GREAT! Please help us to empower their gifts.