2017 Progress

      3D-Printing of Objets d'Art and Prosthetic Limbs

to Make Our Youth-Education Partners Self-Sufficient

EFE students and FEPE orphans surround their Creator Pro at November 25, 2017 3D-Printing Workshop. 

Sticking Up For Children has advanced in 2017 from steps of the prior year. In 2016 we brought 3D-printers to four of our youth-education partners in Haiti and New Orleans. These partners are the EFE School (photo above), the FEPE orphanage, and College Canapé-Vert in Port-au-Prince, and the Kuumba Institute of the Ashe Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans. In 2016, too, three of our partners' teachers in Port-au-Prince were trained in the 3D-printing of parts for prosthetic limbs at Healing Hands of Haiti.


This year we've held Workshops in New Orleans and Haiti and our partners have begun to print objets d'art and parts for prosthetic limbs. James Catalano of Future Factory 3D scanned and 3D-printed a statuette of one epic sculpture for our April 2017 Workshop in New Orleans that was simulcast to Haiti. Partners from 2017 in Port-au-Prince now are bringing breakthroughs in 3D-printed lower-limb prostheses. The FEPE orphans and EFE and CCV students whom we particularly serve are progressing in weekly or twice-weekly 3D-Printing Workshops since October 2017.


In 2017, too, SUFC has provided EFE with a generator for reliable electricity and has purchased Internet connectivity for the school throughout  2018 and the shipping of containers of food and clothing to FEPE. We've brought our partners in New Orleans and Haiti 23 kilograms of 3D-printing filament. We've funded the opening of a Digital Arts and Legal Training Center at College Canapé-Vert and hosted four Music & Arts Days in New Orleans. 


Soon the wonderfully gifted young people we serve will the show the world their further breakthroughs! Haiti, New Orleans, and young people everywhere combine

to improve our future.



Teachers trained in 3D-Printing at Healing Hands of Haiti with a July 2016 first effort at 3DP object

Instructor James Catalano of New Orleans' Future Factory 3D

with students of the Kuumba Institute of the Ashé CAC.

Teacher Jonathand Saintine and EFE students in their new Computer Lab.

Our Partners' Students!  Their Creativity,

Sticking Up For Children's supporters include leading musicians and other artists as well as notable educators, journalists, and philanthropists. Among our supporters are Cyril and Gaynielle Neville, Jennifer Maxwell, Bonnie Raitt, David Amram, Dr. John, Jimmy Cliff, Stanton Moore, Eve Pell, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Kidd Jordan, Suzanne D'Addario Brouder, Katrina Frey, Desmond Richardson,

Jonathan Richman, Marie-Marthe Paul, Carol Bebelle, Eric Drooker, Leslie Bertucci, Kavanaugh Farr, Paul Siegel, Alan Abrahams, Sandra Nkaké, Alex de Grassi, Sarah

Elizabeth Charles, Anastasia Pelias, Isabelle Jacopin, Cherice Harrison-Nelson, Donald Harrison, Jr., and Shafqat Ali Khan.

Please visit our Online Gallery and see the pieces of art offered there.

Since 2014 Sticking Up For Children has provided more than $150,000 in cash, goods and services to 11 youth-education partners.

See the Creativity, Empathy, and Industry
               of our Partners' Students 

Drumsticks-as-art, painted by orphans of FEPE and students of EFE, dangle before Spanish moss in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward, March 2014.


Shadow-box-as-art painted by Joyia Phillips of New Orleans when Joyia was 11. The shadow-box holds more of drumsticks-as-art painted by EFE students and FEPE orphans. This piece of SUFC-unique  Drumsticks-&-Shadowbox art now stande in the collection of Second Vine Wine in New Orleans.

            Civic Engagement,
Environmental Consciousness 

FEPE orphans and EFE students and EFE staff persevered in their classes despite the school lacking electricity from September 2016 till the arrival of the SUFC-purchased generator in June 2016.


Hail the Generator! Students at EFE, June 2016.


            The Future
Big Chief Tootie Montana and his tambourine--
James Catalano's 3D-print of Shalene Jones-
Adenle's epic sculpture in New Orleans' Louis
Armstrong Park.
The Big Chief has a many-beaded Suit.
Here is the rear view of James Catalano's
3D-print of Shalene Jones-Adenle's
epic sculpture of Big Chief Tootie Montana. 

James' drone-generated scans and 3D-prints of Shalene's sculpture show that possibilties for our student artists in Haiti, New Orleans, and elsewhere are boundless!

The marvelous Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Paul, 81 years strong, Principal

of College Canapé-Vert since 1974 and a former Mayor of Port-au-Prince, 

and her colleagues  Venessa Jeune and 3DP-Instructor Pierre Mendes

Rousseau, hold cartons of the 23 kilograms pf 3DP filament delivered by

Maryse Déjean (Madame Paul's niece) to Haiti on November 23, 2017 

(Thanksgiving Day in the United States). What champions!


Ms. Whilda, receptionist for the Ashé Cuiltural Arts Center, and Frederick

"Hollywood" Delahoussaye, Director of the Kuumba Institute for the Ashé

CAC, and Don Paul on December 1, 2017, the day that SUFC brought Kuumba

another amount to fund the Institute's great work with 80+ students each 

year. The four fingers signify SUFC's four years of working with Kuumba.