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Hello and welcome to Sticking Up For Children. SUFC has provided more than $170,000 in cash, goods, and services to nine youth-education partners in Haiti and New Orleans since 2014. You can see our history, year after year, and our dozens unto hundreds of wonderful partners and supporters on many other pages of this site.

SUFC now aims to greatly expand our reach and the means that we provide.

Students at two of our partners in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the EFE school

(Ecole Foyer Espoir) and FEPE (Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants) orphanage, continue to produce brilliant designs for Freedom Sandals. You can see the seven models that we currently offer below. You can see them more closely  through the 'Seven Models' tab here.


The students' enterprise is meant to advance their careers and to help EFE and FEPE grow. Many of the students were orphaned after the January 12, 2010 earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince. They've become young adults. The Freedom Sandals are the next step by these students toward creating their own destiny. The Sandals are also, we think. beautiful. They're splendidly elegant and further testimony to Haitians' creativity, we think.

They've won high praise from many who have bought from the students' first two collections earlier this year, as you'll see elsewhere on this site. They draw exclamations in supermarkets. They wear well on the street. They're good for dancing.

Your purchase of Freedom Sandals will help to add a School for Artists and Professionals at EFE in partnership with the 44-years-strong College Canapé-Vert in Port-au-Prince. Your purchase will also fund solar power for EFE and FEPE. It will also further uses of 3D-printing to recycle plastic in Haiti and elsewhere.

You can buy directly from Sticking Up For Children through Zelle. More than 170 Banks now offer this fee-free service to their customers. Here's a link to Zelle's list of them. Our receiving account at Chase Bank has as its as its phone-number 504 407 3283 and email address


Just specify the Model or Models that you want in either your note with the Zelle transfer or in an email to us. Each pair of Freedom Sandals costs $60. Shipping is free in the United States and Canada. Add $10 for shipping outside North America.

The Freedom Sandals continue a great story. Sticking Up for Children is privileged to work with such great students, staff, and supporters. We look forward to sharing next steps with you.

Also, if you wish to simply contribute to Sticking Up For Children, that too can be done via Zelle through Chase. Donations to SUFC have the maximal tax-deductibility in the U.S. due to SUFC's 501 (c) (3) status as Public Charity.

We, however, hope that you'll take something in return for your contribution--great musicans and other artists have offerings in our Gallery--so that the exchange is more one of solidarity.

Again, our email address is and and our phone-number in New Orleans is 504 407 3283.

Cheers, light, and love in the future!

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