We have a closing Dance of African Rock from the kinetic, soulful and fast-rising Cole Williams Band.


Most of all, though, we'll have the company of the many, many great people who have helped Sticking Up For Children flourish over the past three years. We'll have arrays of art-work and memorabilia from supporters such as Cyril and Gaynielle Neville, Dr. John, the Doobie Brothers, Johnny Vidacovich, and many more, and we'll have astonishing drumsticks-as-art from our Music & Arts Days and gifted orphans at F.E.P.E. in Port-au-Prince. Haiti.


It all happens THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 6:00 to 10:00 in the Ashé Cultural Arts Center's Big Room at 1724 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, the heart of New Orleans' Central City!


DINNER isPork-and-Potato Chowder from the Little Gem Saloon, Paellas from Lola's Spanish restaurant, Middle Eastern food from 1000 Figs, and dishes from Elizabeth Dunams, caterer to well-known touring artists!

DESSERT is from Whole Foods Market--a gigantic Berry Chantilly Cake!

BEERS are from the deliciously apt varieties produced by Bayou Teche Brewing over in Acadiana!

WINES are from Second Vine Wine in New Orleans' Marigny and that tasteful shop's group of vintners!


Then there's the night's entertainment.

First is a TRIBUTE to New Orleans-born, world-renowned and much-beloved drummer Idris Muhammad via a rare audio and video montage by WWOZ's show-host Breaux Bridges. Idris' career spanned hits with Fats Domino, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfeild and the Impressions, Jerry Butler, and Roberta Flack, as well as hundreds of recording sessions with artists such as Grant Green, Pharoah Sanders, joe Lovano, John Scofield, John Hicks, Ahmed Jamal, along with his many seminal albums-as-leader in the 1970s and 1980s, Peace And Rhythm and Power Of Soul among the most esteemed of these albums. idris Muhammad, featured in more than 300 youtube videos. Idris Muhammad, a giant among giants,1939--2014!


The CONCERT that follows will début songs from Don Paul's album Ever-Changing Light before that album's release later in December. The band for December 3 is largely made up of the fine musicians who recorded ... Light in between March and July of 2015: Mario Abney on trumpet, Matt Clark on banjo and guitar, Gene Harding on drums, Zack Knewstub on keyboards, and Kaliq Woods on clarinet. Ever-Changing Light Don Paul's album with Kidd Jordan and Morikeba Kouyaté, Women Center Earth, Sea, And Sky, were created with Rick G. Nelson as engineer at Marigny Recording Studio. The Concert will also feature wonderul guests on its poems and songs about Louisiana


Our Festiva will close with a DANCE led by Cole Williams and her Band. Cole has launched herself into New Orleans'

culture like a series of welome fireworks over the past six months. She's helped Sticking Up For Children with art-work and publicity; she's hosted shows and often volunteered at WWOZ; she continues to teach in Schools

and outside Schools; and she and her Band have developed a devoted, hip-shaking following through their residencies at the Maple Leaf Bar and Chickie Wah Wah. The Cole Williams Band is Danny Abel on guitar,

Keith Burnstein on keyboards, Sam Dickey on bass, Jeff Jani on drums, Luke Quarana on hand-drums, and Cole accompanying all on bongos as she sings. The Cole Williams is sure to move us up and down and round the floor!


Sticking Up For Children is so glad every time a Festiva rolls around!


We wish to thank the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation for its particular grant, enabling Festiva

#3. Our supporters are beyond measure in what they enable Sticking Up For Children to do--their number literally countless and their value truly inexpressible.



We hope to have you with us in the Festiva celebration on December 3.


A sheet detailing the rewards that Tables at the Festiva provide to purchasers/supporters is placed below.


Individual tickets for the Dinner, Tribute, Concert and Dance are $50. We feel that this amount is substantially less than the Dinner with Dessert, Beers, and Wines alone would cost in a restaurant.


All contributions to Sticking Up For Children are now tax-deductible through our new status as an independent

501 (c) (3).


Also. please know that each person who attends the Festiva will receive a pair of drumsticks-as-art from the SUFC 2013-2015 collection. If you wish to support us but are unable to attend the Festiva, we'll happily ship drumsticks-as-art to you.


You can reach us stickingupforchildren@gmail.com.


Our new partner in enabling the use of credit-cards for purchase is one of the pioneers in electronic funds-transfer,

the EFT Corporation. We couldn't be happier with the competence and diligence of folks there. They've taken extra steps to work with SUFC. Here's the link to their page for donations that can be applied to Festiva Tables and tickets

--https://apps.facebook.com/sufc_give/?fb_source=fbpage .




Easier yet, just click on the EFT logo here for the link. We're getting into this

21st century. We look forward to working with you and making more dreams

real in 2016!


Sticking Up For Children's annual Festiva de Drumsticks lets us thank our supporters and brag on our youth-education partners' accomplishments

pver the preceding year.


The Festiva is always a gas and in 2015 the generosity of several contributors lets us offer even more of what should be a VERY GOOD TIME.


We have Dinner from the Little Gem Saloon, Lola's Spanish restaurant, 1000 Figs, and caterer-to-the-stars Elizabeth Dunams. We have Dessert from Whole Foods Market,  Wines from Second Vine Wine, Beers from Bayou Teche Brewing.


We have an audio and video Tribute to the great New Orleans-born drummer Idris Muhammad by WWOZ show-host

Breaux Bridges and friends of Idris'.


We have a Concert débuting Louisiana- based songs from the new album Ever-Changing Light.

Buy tax-deductible Tables and tickets through EFT. The Dinner--Tribute--Concert--Dance offers a great deal, we think. Tickets are $50 each, or two for $60, and Tables start at $250. Proceeds will help SUFC and our partners in 2016. Just click on the EFT logo, donate, and order!