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                                                      FESTIVA #4!


    Great Concert of 'New Orleans Music and the World' features 10  superb 

    drummers and horn-players in unprecedented, creative combinations!

        Plus, Cyril Neville & the Family Groove! Plus, splendid food and drink!



Sticking Up For Children's fourth annual Festiva promises to be an unfortgettable night of music, dancing, food, beer, wine, and fun! 


The Concert part of the night brings together five hugely knowledgeable and creative drummers--Johnny Vidavovich, Alfred Roberts, Fantan Louis of Haiti, Alexey Marti of Cuba, and Simon Lott,  with five of the most illustrious and likewise creative horn-players based in New Orleans--Roger Lewis and Kirk Joseph of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Donald Harrison, Evan Christopher, and Mario Abney. Each of the five drummers will choose a rhythm to lead one of the five new pieces to be created for the Concert. Each horn-player will partner with a drummer in the arrangement of each of the five pieces. The music that results will surely be tremendous. Don Paul will act as producer of the Concert.


The Dance part of the night has Cyril Neville & the Family Groove on stage to set bodies in motion and smiling. Anyone who's caught Cyril in performance with New Orleans' musicians knows how energizing, moving, and enjoyable the experience is.


Food will come from Chefs renowned for their flair with Louisiana cuisine. Bayou Teche Brewing will again provide Beer for the Festiva and Second Vine Wine will again provide our Wines.


The Festiva will also present many beautiful drumsticks-as-art and drumheads-as-art, signed by supporters such as Bonnie Raitt, the Doobie Brothers, the late Idris Muhammad, Stanton Moore, John Bukaty, and Anastasia Pelias.


This year Sticking Up For Children is encouraging early purchase of Tables for the Festiva. We want to apply funds immediately to aid our youth-education partners and their families in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.


We hope you choose to help us in this particular aid-to-Haiti effort. We will have Individual and Couples' tickets available for the Festiva Concert, Dance, and Dinner after November 1, their prices $30 and $50 respectively. However, as said, we encourage purchase of Tables, as their amounts-for-purchase provide us with much greater means to support our partners.


Tables can be purchased in New Orleans at the John Bukaty Gallery, 841 Carondelet (a festival itself)  and online through our great, old-school associate, Electronic Funds Transfer.


See you at Festiva #4! 

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