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Click here to make a Revolution. Click here to bring multi-tool Digital Kits to first-year                           students in Haiti!

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First: Thanks! Thanks to all of Sticking Up For Children's great Partners for Education in Haiti and New Orleans!

Thanks to Germaine Bazzle and Kidd Jordan and to Community-Radio DJs for inspiring Days that SUFC Co-Sponsored in 2022. Thanks to our own great sponsors JAMBAR and Frey Vineyards for empowering SUFC. Thanks to the Team at College Canapé-Vert for making the Revolution in universal education, named
Lekol Toupatou (School Everywhere) happen!
Thanks to Staff and Students at the EFE School and the FEPE 
in the Delmas district of Port-au-Prince!
Thanks to Staff and Students at the Youpi Youpi School in Cayes Jacmel on the coast of southern Haiti!

Accomplishments and perseverance by
Schools and students In Haiti are a particular inspiration!

Now a project is underway that's
equal to Haitians' greatness. Lèkol Toupatou means School Everywhere in Haitian Kréyol. Over the past three years Madame Franck Paul and her Team at CCV have recorded more than 150 Half-Hours of Lessons which follow the 243 pages of the textbook of hers, Mon Livre Unique, that before 2019 was distributed in 110,00 copies for first-year students across Haiti. Now Lèkol Toupatou makes education possible anywhere and at any time for people with access to mobile devices. The CCV Team's huge achievement enables, as Madame Franck Paul says in her Welcome (Akeyi), "Everyone to learn to read and write and learn about many things."

Lèkol Toupatou can mean Universal Literacy for Haiti!

Sticking Up For Children is asking for your

A Kit that will enable each Lèkol Toupatou student to complete his or her first year, for basic literacy, 
includes Digital elements--
a Solar Battery, a mobile Tablet, a 128 GB jump-drive of Lessons--and Traditional
notebook, pen, tokens for carrying out

The Budget for 1000 Kits, as sent to us by the Lèkol Toupatou Team in Port-au-Prince, is $151,000. Or: $151 for each Kit that will enable a Student--or each Class of Students who may share a Kit for learning through Lèkol Toupatou in Kréyol, French, English and Spanish,
in Haiti or anywhere in the world.

Any Contribution of $100 or $151 will bring the new Partner two CDs with booklets, both of them top-10 albums on Charts across North America in 2022, Alright! by Roger Lewis and Love Over War by Don Paul and Rivers Answer Moons. 

Contribition at the $151 level also brings the
Partner continuing contact with the Student or Class of Students in the form of email, photos and video, if the Partner wishes.  

Multiples of $151 are of course welcome! That is, $1510 empowers 10 Students or Classes of Students; 15,100 buys 100 Kits, and on and on. Amounts less than $151 are will be appreciated just as much

Contributions over 9 years have let SUFC send Computers, School-buses, generators, 3D-printers, cameras, microphones, JAMBARs and many tons of food to our great Partners. Help us make a further Revolution with Lèkol Toupatou. Donate now through
Donorbox and receive the two albums from Roger Lewis and Don Paul along with a form from our full Charity tax-deductibion.


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Please do check out the first five of 150+ Days of 
Lékol Toupatou Lessons
. A 'Pause' for Dance is part
of each Day. We think that you'll see and hear why we're so excited about possibilities!

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