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JAMBARs for Students in Haiti 

JBs for Cristmas Dec 2021.png
JBs at EFE _ FEPE Party, January 2022.png

See page about JAMBAR's contributions to three Schools and an Orphanage in Haiti from December 2021 forward. 

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JAMBAR Organic Artisan Energy Bars benefit Sticking Up For Children in multiple ways. From Christmas season of 2021 into Spring of 2022, JAMBAR donated hundreds 
of bars for children's nutrition at SUFC's partner Schools in Haiti. JAMBARs came College Canapé-Vert and Ecole Foyer Espoir (EFE) in Port-au-Prince and to the Youpi Youpi School in Cayes Jacmel. They came as well to the  Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE) orphanage.

Students love the bars!


Other students at EFE_FEPE New Year 2022 Party, December 26, 2021.jpg
EFE_FEPE receive free JAMBARS, January 2022 ('NICE IS THE NEW COOL' #2).png
CCV KIndergarden Christmas party with JAMBARs, Dec 21 2021 girl who might be a ballerina.p

JAMBAR's Foundation has provided funding for iMacs and Samson G-Pro 
microphones at College Canapé-Vert and at EFE, FEPE and Youpi Youpi. 


Closer to its San Francisco Bay Area home, JAMBAR has provided nutrition to music studeents of the San Francisco Unified School District.

In southern California JAMBAR gives funding and Bars to hundreds in the GUITARS IN THE CLASSROOM programs that have orginated .


GITC and NAMMM grant.png

The GUITARS IN THE CLASSROOM progams have served thousands since their
founding by Jessica Baron in the 1990s. 


JAMBAR is also all about music in mulitple ways. JAMBAR is bringing Concerts to northern California that present Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Mary Gauthier and Billy Childs. JAMBAR has funded a Chair for distinguished drummer Gerald Cleaver at the California Jazz Conservatory. JAMBAR sponsors performanes by Jazz In the Neighborhood and tuition-free instruction to students enrolled in San Rafael's Enriching Lives through Music (ELM).  JAMBAR has already delivered more 100s of Bars to Hungry for Musicthe Trenton Track Club, and the Junior Appalachian Musicians, JAMBAR works with the Bread and Roses Presents to continue Bread and Roses' 48 years of Concerts for the incarcerated or disabled. 

Berkeley Jazz scene gets boost.png
Chris Potter in Poland 2017.png
Bread and Roses audince clapping.png

Chris Potter, part of JAMBAR Presents at the
California Jazz Conservatory.


Bread and Roses involves the elderly in Concerts.


Enriching Lives through Music (E.L.M.) gives tuition-free instruction.

Hungry for Music.png

Hungry for Music provides instruments to music-students across the United States and in 30 Nations.

Junior Appalachina Musicians.png

Junior Appalachian Musicians are among the Hungry for Music partners.

Tenton Track Club.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 2.00.17 PM.png
Jazz in the Neighborhodd.png

Sports after School!

The Trenton Track Club, New Jersey, has nurtured Athing Mu and many more.

Jazz in the Neighborhood!

Bread and Roses .png
Mary Gauthier at HopMonk.png

strong (2022 above--Mary Gauthier at the Hopmonk).

JAMBAR is of a giving legacy five decades (1979 above) 

Plus, JAMBAR is already 
winning awards for its
ingredients' Go-Power!



Plus, JAMBAR is already winning awards for its ingredients' quality!

Tastes great!

Does good!

Goin' strong!

Goin' long!

Get Your


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