Artists' shadow-boxes for FEPE orphans' drumsticks-as-art

BMike blue shadow-box w. his choice of FEPE orphans' drumsticks-as-art

BMike founded the 2Cent media-company and created/curated the widely extolled and hugely accomplishing ExhibitBE and Project BE exhibitions in New Orleans.

SOLD Isabelle Jacopin
shadow-box with her choice of FEPE orphans' drumsticks-as-art

Isabelle Jacopin is renowned and beloved in France and New Orleans for her paintings of musicians and flowers and sometimes both. She contributes her vivacious art to WWOZ projects as well as to Sticking Up For Children.

SOLD Maryse Déjean shadow-box with her choice of FEPE orphans' drumsticks-as-art

Maryse Déjean is Coordinator of Volunteers and Community Engagement at WWOZ in New Orleans and a show-host for the station, Monday 4:00--7:00 pm Central. She co-directs Sticking Up For Children with other suspected radicals.

Marie=Jo Poux shadow-box with her choiceof FEPE orphans' drumsticks-as-art

Marie-Jose (Marie-Jo) Poux founded the FEPE orphanage in December 2009, one month before the earthquake that killed more than 200,000 in Port-au-Prince, and has sustained it ever since. See "Grace and Mercy" by Luis Pena and team for more on Marie-Jo and her team.