Prior to our talents-laden Festiva #5 on December 14, Sticking Up For Children has been graced by a growing number of participants in our program of PARRIANAGE--the sponsorship of orphans at the Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE) who are also students at the Ecole Foyer Espoir (EFE) in Port-au-Prince. Below, please see three notable sponsors from New Orleans: Judge Calvin Johnson, attorney Eric Ferrouillet, and business-owner Kavanaugh Farr.
$500 covers one FEPE orphan's annual costs for uniforms, textbooks, and 3D-Printing Workshops; $1000 covers those costs + room and board for one of the 33 orphans, ages 5 to 17, housed, fed, and otherwise nurtured at FEPE.
Participants in the PARRAINAGE sponsorship each receive a Table for Four at the Festiva and its Concert, Dinner and Dance.
Their sponsorship enables the beautiful, accomplishing FEPE orphans / EFE students to be secure with uniforms, textbooks, enrollment in 3D-printing workshops, and room and board throughout 2018. Each sponsor will receive monthly video or written communication from one or more of the 33 post-earthquake orphans at FEPE. You can see the orphan students' names and ages at close of this post.

Judge Calvin Johnson

Attorney Eric Ferrouillet

Business-owner Kavanaugh Farr

Four recent participants in Parrainage live in California--Lolis Eric Elie, Matt Gonzalez, Lisa Moresco and Gerry Agosta, and Bonnie Raitt. SUFC is very glad to have Bonnie as our supporter for a second year. We added to Parrainage at the Festiva Middleton O'Malley, Ken and Melba Ferdinand, and Rick Wilkoff and Clara Walmsley
These sponsors' generous giving provides the occasion for SUFC to THANK essential benefactors of our and our youth-education partners' progress. They've been with us for years!

Writer Lolis Eric Elie

Public Defender Matt Gonzalez

Lisa Moresco and Gerry Agosta

Philanthropist and drummer Jennifer Maxwell at her drum-set. Since 2013 grants from Jennifer, given through the Marin Community Foundation, have empowered Sticking Up For Children to meet and initiate commitments to 11 youth-education partners over the past four years. Jennifer is a principal in whatever Sticking Up For Children has accomplished.

Cyril and Gaynielle began Sticking Up For Children by bringing painted drumsticks to Maryse Déjean and Don 

Paul in February. They and their family have since been

integral and invaluable in moving SUFC forward.

Katrina Frey of Frey Vineyards has

supported SUFC since 2014.                  

SUFC Board member Leslie Bertucci

with FEPE orphans' painted drumsticks.

Melba and Ken Ferdinand with more 

of FEPE-painted drumstick at Festiva

#3. They too have supported SUFC

since 2014.

SUFC Board member Paul Siegel

with SUFC supporter Pedrito Martinez.

Musicans Pretty Lights, Bonnie Raitt, and the Doobie Brothers have contributed importantly  to SUFC.

Hamid Drake and William Parker

have each contributed importantly

to Sticking Up For Children. William painted two of the drumheads that can be seen in our Gallery.

Idris Muhammad (here at Festiva #1) and his niece Elizabeth Dunams have supported SUFC since 2013. Yasiin Bey bought several of Idris' autographed drumsticks.

David Amram has contributed

his drawings of Joyce Johnson,

Dizzy Gillespie, Jack Kerouac,

Gregory Corso, Howard Hart, and

more to SUFC.

SUFC in 2017
Support has enabled SUFC to progress in multiple ways this year. We've hosted four Music & Arts Days and two 3D-Printing Workshops in New Orleans. We've funded the
Kuumba Institute and the AdinkraNOLA school and contributed to the Danny Barker Festival and Congo Square Sacred Marketplace in our home city. We've funded the FEPE orphanage and Youpi Youpi school in Haiti. We've provided a generator and 12 months of Internet connectivity to the EFE school in Port-au-Prince. We've funded the beginning of the Balin / Déjean Digital Arts and Legal Training Center at College Canape-Vert in Port-au-Prince and we continue to sponsor 3D-Printing Workshops at the EFE school and CCN. We've continued and advanced connections with 3D-printing pioneers Future
Factory and 3DLLP toward the 3D-printing of objets d'art and parts for prosthetic limbs 
by students in Haiti and New Orleans.
Below is one summary of our work in 2017. We'll have a more complete review of our 2017 up online in three days--December 10--four days before that great Festiva #5!
Please join us however you can. Donations and other contributions to Sticking Up For Children receive the maximal Public Charity deductibility from the I.R.S.
Here are names of post-earthquake orphans at the Foyer Espoir les Enfants (FEPE)
orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti who are also students at the Ecole Foyer Espoir
school. You also see some of the Thank You cards sent from them to Sticking Up For
Children, thanks to FEPE's founder, former Hospice Nurse Marie-Jo Poux. 
Click on the CONTRIBUTE button at top of this page to join us. Your contribution will help each orphan student continue his or her progress in 2018. Choose a name to help and specify it in your Contribution form. Let us hear from you at You'll receive monthly communication from these great young people and a seat at Festiva #5!