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A Triumph Every Day is what we think students and staff of Sticking Up For Children's youth-education partners accomplish, year after year. Every day
they move forward.
In Haiti difficulties are normal. Challenges face the schools and FEPE orphanage as a matter of course. Gas continues to be in short supply--electricity often cuts out--elivery of food from countryside to Port-au-Prince and even Jacmel is often interrupted. Yes, 'Haitians must be very strong.'
Still, they learn and grow. Here are students at
Ecole Espoir Foyer (EFE) in October 2016. They
went to school for six months without electricity,
before SUFC provided a second generator.
Likewise, students of New Orleans have pushed
onward over the past six years.
'How A Great Idea Grew' is our video from October 2014, telling our story till then.
See videos of three of our four main Beneficiaries then--the Kuumba Institute of the Ashé Cultural Arts Center of New Orleans, the New Orleans Youth Sound Experience, and the Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE) orphanage in Port-au-Prince. The Youpi Youpi (Yes, that's Happy Happy in Haitian Kréyol) school in Cayes Jacmel was able to add another building through our first contribution.
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SUFC Beneficiaries beginning 2014.png
In December of 2014 our 12-page Booklet accompanied our Festiva #2 of
superlative musicians
from New Orleans.
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From 2015 into 2018 SUFC hosted 12 more Music & Arts Days in New Orleans.
We provided 3D-printers to four Partners in New Orleans and Port-au-Prince. We strove to make happen in Haiti the practical ideal that prosthetic limbs could be 3D-printed for the hundreds of post-earthquake amputees there.
'Giant Steps' is one title among our month-by-month record of the October 2014 to May 2017 span. The 3-D Printing Workshop below happened on April 22, 2017 with the Kuumba Institute at the Ashé Cultural Arts Center. It was simulcast to College Canapé-Vert in Port-au-Prince.
Our Review of 2018 and our new partnerships with two High Schools in New Orleans, Edna Karr and Warren Easton, as well as our working with New Orleans'
radio-station for the sightless, WRBH, and the New Orleans City Council to
honor Tim Green, great activist and musician, along with the eye-popping first offerings of Freedom Sandals, is--again--here. Last year we were also able to  work with four partners in Haiti and establish the new Fondation Miche Balin Déjean for music-education at College Canapé-Vert.
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