Our supply from the first edition of our Haitian youth-education

partners' Freedom Sandals is going fast. We have nine pairs left

from the 24 pairs that were delivered from Port-au-Prince on June



On Sunday, June 24 Maryse and I had a home-show that elicited

many a "Wow!" Here are some of the Sandals that were on display.



Here's the box containing the sandals that buyers carried away.

Here are two of the Freedom Sandals purchased by chef Karen Duncan. Karen and her husband Kelley Dodd operate a bed-and-

breakfast in Algiers Point of New Orleans. "I know shoes, and these are great shoes," Karen said.

You can order your pair or pairs of Freedom Sandals by visiting the students' home page here

Choose the model or models and size or sizes that you want.


Suggest a new kind of Freedom Sandal that you'd like to see.


You can purchase through our Contributions button at top of this page or through email at stickingupforchildren@gmail.com.

70% of the revenue generated by the Freedom Sandals goes directly to the students' and their studio