January 13, 2018. Sticking Up For Children is compelled to answer the latest offense by United States' President Donald Trump and members of his Government against Haitians and other peoples who have a noble history of accomplishments and fortitude. President Trump this past week called Haiti and nations of Africa and Latin America "shithole countries." The students and staff with whom SUFC is privileged to work in Haiti and elsewhere are as far above defamations such as "shithole" as falcons are above a clumsy golfer shaking his club after another botched shot.


Please DOWNLOAD if you wish these first of  SOLIDARITY posters that we'll post. You may also wish to visit a lengthy piece that Don Paul wrote in Feburary 2017, five weeks into the Trump Administration and in early days of our partner organization Against All Racism. The piece is titled 'Against All Racism: Divest, Invest, and Change Our Worlds to Righteousness.' The poet Tamsin Smith greeted it San Francisco: 'Against All Racism launches a movement to defeat the Trump Administration’s White-supremacist agenda and win sustainable alternatives for people of all races in the United States, Canada, and around the world.'

The piece is here--


Thanks VERY MUCH to the many of you who have supported Sticking Up For Children over the past three months. Unlike certain folks in this world who brag about their buttons, our partners' students continue to progress!