Sticking Up For Children follows its first 3D-Printing Workshop (Jan. 21) and first Music & Art Day (March 11) of 2017 with a Glorious Art Show at New Orleans' Second Vine Wine on Saturday, April 1. It's going on from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., there in the sunny Marigny.







Many one-of-a-kind pieces by our celebrated Supporters will be on display.

You can see these Supporters' names on the poster below. Many Supporters

will also be present on April 1. The Glorious Art Show promises be a grand and happening Social Occasion such as is often Particular and Festive in New

Orleans. We look forward to the Conversation, Merriment, and Surprises.


Wine will come from the superb stock of Second Vine Wine. Delicious finger-

food will come from the Italian Pie, Gentilly. Music will come from the ineffable

Haitian drummer Fanfan Louis, Keeper of the Keys to 4000 rhythms, and

whomever among our Supporters chooses to accompany Fanfan.


Why so much fun? To raise money for new and existing programs of Sticking

Up For Children. Since 2014 SUFC has provided more than $100K in funds,

goods and services to nine youth-education partners in Haiti and New

Orleans. In 2016 we funded the FEPE orphanage and three schools in Haiti

and three educational facilties in New Orleans. Last year we also provided

3D-printers for four of our partners.


In 2017 SUFC and our partners are stepping forward. Our goal is for the

proven creative genius among our partners' orphans and other students 

to produce 500 3D-printed objets d'art, representing notable figures of

culture and liberation in the histories of Haiti, New Orleans and all the

Americas, by December of this year. We aim also for a regular supply of

parts for prosthetic hands to the global and flourishing eNABLE project

by December 2017. See our News from May to September 2016 for our

progress with teachers in Haiti last year. We know that our partners'

students can grow self-sustaining through their own gifts and industry

and that they'll bring uprecedented insights to the world. 






























Our budget for further 3D-printers, scanners, generators, instructors and more to carry out the '500 Shining Figures' project of art from 3D-printers is $28,300 over nine months. Our expected minimal revenue from and to the partners from their 500 objets d'art is $75,000, based a price-per-piece of $150.


You can see the genius of FEPE orphans and other students in our Art and Music Store. You can also see there our Supporters' wildly beautiful Drumsticks-as-Art,

Drumheads-as-Art, and--yes, the name is true and the stupendous objects real--

Giant Sticks.


See YOU, we hope, among the art, wine, food, music and fun on April 1.