FEPE!             EFE!

These orphans, students and staff are, we think,  among the most deserving people on Earth

Your gift of support to one or more of the 33 post-earthquake FEPE orphans who attend the
EFE school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti will receive cards and photos and videos from the orphans as well as your choice from posters, 3D-printed objets d'art, and the one-of-a-kind pieces of art in our Online Gallery.
Please visit our Gallery. Please learn more about FEPE and EFE. Please meet our new Partners.
Please see the great range of musicians, other artists, and philanthropists who support Sticking Up For Children and FEPE and EFE. Please see SUFC's plans for 3D-printing of objets d'art as well as prosthetic limbs with orphans and students in Haiti and New Orleans.
Your support will receive an ultimate gift. You'll know that you're enabling steps to a fruitful
future for those who have made so much from so little.   
Isabelle Jacopin
of France and New
Orleans donated
her "Little Music-
Maker" painting to
Sticking Up For
Children as a poster for contributors in 2017.
Give to FEPE & EFE
and receive the
"Little Music-Maker"
as a 12 x 18"
photogloss poster.
Raitt, David
Amram, and
Parker were
among new
of SUFC in