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Graces from Haiti, New Orleans, and California, June 2023,
with musical treats

Lèkol Toupatou in Port-au-Prince
and Cayes Jacmel

Mme. Franck Paul avec Etoilia et Odette.jpg

PORT-AU-PRINCE. Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul reviews lessons with Odette and Ytolia, Saturday, June 23, 2023 at College Canapé-Vert.

Etolia as Mme. Franck Paul reviews lesssons, June 23, 2023.png

Ytolia with her copy of Mme. Franck Paul's textbook, Mon Livre Unique, and
her tablet. Like a painting by Rembrandt.

Odette with her writing-book, copy of Mon Livre Unique, and tablet.png

Odette with her textbook, tablet, and writing-book. Another painting.

Odette's script June 3 and 10, 2023.png

Odette's and Ytolia's script has grown very clean with their practice. Neither
could read or write before they started Lèkol Toupatou (School Everywhere)
this past March.

LT Cayes Jacmel, June 27, 2023.png

CAYES JACMEL, southern coast of Haiti. Students among the 18 enrolled in Lèkol Toupatou there study early pages of Mon Livre Unique with teacher
Marie Yolène Desrial.


Seven among the 18 students introduce themselves. Many walk for more than one hour, each way, to attend classes.

LT CAYES JACMEL, 18 students as of March 25, 2023.png

The 18 students of Lèkol Toupatou in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti.

Marie-Lyne and Lupson.png

Marie-Lyne and Lupson Pasteur founded the Youpi Youpi (Haitian Kréyol for
"Happy Happy") School in Cayes Jacmel in 2010. Marie-Lyne is the School's Principal. The Youpi Youpi School has more than doubled its number of students since 2014.


First musical treat:
"On a volé la lune"
("Who stole the moon?"),
a song by Marie-Marthe
Balin Franck Paul from her 2012 (post-earthquake)
"Vive la Vie" collection for College Canapé-Vert. Arranged by Jonny Clerveaux. Sung by Ludmila Elie.

_On a volé la lune_, track 7 Artist Name
00:00 / 03:52

Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul is undoubtedly a humble genius.
Author of more than 20 books for children; composer; educator for 70 of her 87 years; and former Mayor of Port-au-Prince (1987-1989).


Booklet of On 'a volé la lune'--FRONT COVER.png

Trois amies: Drum, Keyboard, Guitar. Illustration by Vladimyr Joseph.

Students of Ecole Foyer Espoir, the JAMBAR organic energy-bar company, and Societé Verte Haiti (So.Ve.H) combine in Creations from Recycling.

SoVeH_JAMBAR work-party at Ecole Foyer Espoir, 2023--weaving JAMBAR wrappers into baskets

A recycling work-party at Ecole Foyer Espoir in the Delmas district of Port-au-Prince. Students are led by an instructor from Societé Verte Haiti.

JAMBAR wrappings recycled with a Big Smile, June 2023, studernts of Ecole Foyer Espoir wit

One student shows his creation. JAMBAR wrappers are fitted into a weave that will make up one side of abasket (see first image from EFE above). "Anything we can do! / Anything we can be!"

JAMBAR wrapped and JAMBAR wrapping weave_edited.png

Since December of 2020, JAMBAR has donated more than 3000 bars to the three Schools and one Orphanage in Haiti that are partners with Sticking Up For Children. JAMBAR itself partners with 19 organizations dedicated to
music-education and/or active living in North America.

SoVeH event for ecology.png

Societé Verte Haiti (So.Ve.H) has since 2017 engaged students of the EFE School and the Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE) orphanage in projects that sweep streets and that recycle plastic in Port-au-Prince.

Shelter made of rowes of recycled plastic bottles with A-frame roof also of recycled plast

So.Ve.H made! A shelter composed of rows of recycled plastic bottles! 

Many are the marvels that the Haiti seldom seen on Networks' News brings to our world!

Musical treats 2, 3 and 4:
Excerpts from the tune by Roger Lewis of New Orleans, "Bobee (What A Spirit Walks That Way)", as recorded with Kirk Joseph and Herlin Riley (also of New Orleans) in the band Don Paul & Rivers Answer Moons for Roger's Charts-topping album ALRIGHT!

These three, I think, are a trio for the Ages. I hope that you enjoy their playing like I enjoyed this updating
from some of the great Partners of SUFC. Click below to listen.

1 Excerpt #1 from _Bobe _What A Spirit Walks That Way_Artist Name
00:00 / 01:37
2 _Bobe (What A Spirit Walks That Way_, excerpt 2Artist Name
00:00 / 01:12
3_Bobe (What A Spirit Walks That Way)_ excerpt #3Artist Name
00:00 / 01:25
Rick, Roger, Don, Herlin, Kirk, photo by Maryse.png

Rick G. Nelson, Roger Lewis, Don Paul, Herlin Riley, and Kirk Joseph on
August 1, 2021, the tracking-date for  "Bobe (What a Spirit Walks That Way" and for most of Roger's album ALRIGHT . The book I hold is Cisco Bradley's biography of William Parker, Universal Tonality. William is another partner of many years' support with SUFC.

Rick was engineer for the album's tracking; Adam Kiel was engineer for overdubbing and most mixing; and David Farrell was engineer for mastering and some mixing.

DP & RIversAnswerMoons on upper river copy.png

Be ready to dance when you check out "Get Out Your JAM On!" by DP & Rivers Answer Moons with guest singer Erica Falls and trumpter Mario Abney. 

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