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Please find below the 4-Pager that went to concert-goers at the 'Honoring the Kidd' show for Edward Kidd Jordan at the New Orleans Jazz Museum on November 1, 2019.

Every seat in the NOJM's Mint Theater was filled that night. The

audience's responses were very warm. They came to appreciate and

enjoy Kidd. They converged toward the stage after the show. They took home 143 of the 4-Pagers.


The performers were inspired beyond their usual excellence. You'll see their names on the poster above and below. How much collective improvisation, how many great solos, how many good jokes and lit-up smiles came out in the show we'll continue to share.

Stephanie Jordan read poems by William and Patricia Nicholson

Parker about Kidd. TR Johnson read his lyrical evocation. Others' appreciations were read aloud in the concert. You can read their full

text and more on the page-in-progress here.

Thanks to all! Thanks to Randy Fertel and anonymous funders! Thanks to volunteers! Thanks especially to Maryse Philippe Déjean!


The Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp in New Orleans has taught hundreds of students over 24 years. Jackie Harris founded the Camp in 1995. Among its alumni are Gregory Agid, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, Jonathan Batiste, Dr. Courtney Bryan, Christan Scott aTundé  Adjuah, and "Big Sam" Williams. Read more about the Camp and its also illustrious instructors and intentions here.


Appreciations of Kidd poured in, this past week. Please see some of them below. William and Patricia Nicholson Parker, Dutch Kepler, Randy Fertel, Darrel Lavigne, Cyril Neville, Larry Blumenfel, TR Johnson, and Jackie Harris are represented on the 4-pager.  Full text of the excerpted statements can be found on the Appreciations page. There too will be pieces by Rob Cambrie, Hamid Drake, Roger Lewis, Benjamin Lyons, and Melissa Gregory Rue.


On the back-cover are Jonathan Batiste as he talks about how Kidd "opened" his mind to possibilties for music when Jon was an 11-year-old at the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp'--and Kidd with fellow saxophonist Fred Anderson--and albums from Centering Music and Valid Records--and a photo of Kidd with the four professional musicians among the seven children raised by him and his wife, a classical pianist, Dr. Edvidge Chatters Jordan: Kent, Marlon, Rachel and Stephanie.

Links to much on this page are listed below. One is to the wide-ranging Improv Conference New Orleans that's hosted by Randy Fertel between Nov. 3 and Nov. 10. Another is to the brilliant Freedom Sandals created by Sticking Up For Children's partner students in Haiti.


 Jonathan Batiste talks about how a creaking door inspired Kidd to play along with it. Jon learned that "music could be made out of anything." His video is part of alumni's memories of the wonderful Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp.


Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake and William Parker play with Kidd on

Two Days in April, Michael Ehlers' Eremite Records, 1999. Bill Shoemaker profile of Fred and Kidd in 2009 is source of the photo.


Centering Music and Aum Fidelity in New York City have put out literal scores of memorable albums over the past quarter-century.

William Parker talks about Duke Ellington and Kidd Jordan and "The 400 Blows" and much more in his 'Spiritual as Music' Hours.


Benjamin Lyons is the stalwart producer behind Valid Records notable releases. He met Kidd in an Airport as both traveled in a Vision Festival about 20 years. They were fast friends.


Kent, Marlon, Rachel and Stephanie feature in Chelsea Brasted's piece about the Jordan musical family for the Times-Picayune and

The Improv Conference New Orleans spans many kinds of creation and bills Michael Pollan and Jules Feiffer among its guests. It's a big service from author and philanthropist Randy Fertel. Check all of its days and nights out on the many pages of its website.


Freedom Sandals, the enterprise of students and orphans whom  Sticking Up For Children has known since 2014, are another kind

of beautiful creation that may seem to arise, full of colors and astonishing connections, out of nowhere! See the Autumn 2019 edition of Sandals, available at Pop City NOLA, here.

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