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592 Hours from 243 Pages and 25 Modules of Lessons!  The Team at College Canapé-Vert Move move toward Launch of Lekòl Toupatou! (School Everywhere!) in Haiti.




Growing Gardens begins in New Orleans and

Port-au-Prince and Cayes Jacmel to feed households, Schools, and the Foyer Espoir our les Enfants Orphanage. We thank Botanical Interests for the generously bountiful bunch of seeds--150+ packs for

73 Flowers and 17 Vegetables!










Lagniappe for Learning adds the 2021 Kanaval song

by Boukman Eksperyans ("Kan'w Pran'w Konnen"); and poems of the Blues and Bebop and the Beats ('Mother Earth' and 'Brilliant Corners') by John Sinclair; and

lyrics of Jonathan Richman's song for students, "I Can't Shift (Oh Yes, You Can!)".

Marie-=Marthe with Mon lIvre.png
Lijensky January 2020.png
Bo Interests Microgreens Jazzy Mix.png
Bo Interests Turnip Purple Top.png
Boukman ,,, Kanaval 2021 ... Children of

Manzè and Lòlò and the future of Boukman Eksperyans in a

video-still from their 2021 Kanaval song, "Kan'w Pran'w Konnen". One stanza from the song's oh-so-timely lyrics is below. The title can be translated from Haitian Kréyol as:

"When You Get It You'll Know".


Choir + Lead:
Haitians, let's open our eyes
We are the children of the sun!
This is the Guinen
Who gave us the power
This is Gran Bwa
Who gave us the secret of plants

Choir: we are not other people's guinea pigs
Lead 1:
we are nobody's slaves
Choir: political guinea pigs

Lead 2:
we are not other people's guinea pigs
Heart: Big Pharma guinea pigs


Here are further stills from the video for "Kan'w Pran'w Konnen" ("When You Get It You'll Know").

Boukman Kanaval 2021 video Manze dancing
Boukman Kanaval 2021 video Paul close-up
Boukman Kanaval 2021 video Paul, drummer
Lolo, Manze, two drummers Kan'w Pran'w K
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