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Cahout house reduced to skeleton and rubble.jpg

      HAitians in crisis,
haitians going forward--
     please contribute
        aid as you can.

      IS PART OF A PLAN.   

EFE Student and teacher moving bags of ice from semi-truck, Aug 21 2021.png

                          HOW GREAT THEY CAN BE

Cahout--another house needing repair.jpg

Another house to be rebuilt, better,
by Lupson Pasteur and his crew nearby the town of Cahout in the
Department of Nippes, southern

Lupson Pasteur and Wife.png

Marie-Lyne and Lupson Pasteur, founders of the Youpi Youpi School in Cayes Jacmel, have
seen the School grow more than 100% since
2014, its students often winning national awards. Lupson ("Ti Pas") builds houses.

Marie-Jo with orphans 2013.png

August 22, 2021. Sticking Up For Children is working
with several of our long-term partners to bring food,
water, medical supplies and housing to tens of thousands made homeless in southern Haiti by the 
earthquake of Saturday morning, August 14. Lupson
and Marie-Lyne Pasteur of the Youpi Youpi school 
in Cayes Jacmel have already organized crews to
rebuild housing in the Department of Nippes. Marie-Jo Poux, founder of the Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE) orphanage, and Jonathand Saintiné, Principal of École Foyer Espoir  (EFE), are main instruments in the transport of two semi-trucks, loaded with ice/water, food-kits, and medical supplies from Port-au-Prince
to Nippes and the two other Departments of southern
Haiti, Sud and Grand-Anse.

Other long-term partners are moving to help. Cyril and
Gaynielle Neville and Lòlò and Manzè of Boukman Eksperyans are collaborating on music.

SUFC has received over the past two days generous donations from the Angela King Gallery; Ken and Melba Ferdinand; Bruce Gebhart and Diana Shaw; Jason Berry; and Cathie Ruggerio. Much more is promised.

Please help us further the work that folks on the ground
in Haiti have selflessly undertaken.


Jonathand Saintine, Prinicpal of Ecole Foyer Espoir, carrying bags of ice for transport to

Jonathand Saintiné, Principal
of École Foyer Espoir (EFE), also carries bag of ice for transport by semi-truck from Port-au-Prince to southern

Marie-Jo, Madame Paul, Mireille.png

Three great women of Haiti--Marie-Jo Poux, Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul, and Mireille 
Chéry Antoine--at graduation-ceremony for
EFE students. Madame Paul is Principal of College Canapé-Vert and former Mayor of Port-au-Prince (1986-1988) and Madame Antoine is Chief of Editiones Canapé-Vert, the publishing arm of
the College.

Marie-Jo Poux with some of the more than 35 orphans and students she's helped to raise
at Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants in Port-au-Prince since 2010.

     SCENES in SOUTHERN HAITI after the 7.2 Earthquake
                                          of AUGUST 14, 2021    

Roof fallen to convex V.jpg
Grotesquely dismembered house beside power-line.jpg
Small boy on hosp bed.jpg

                            and CAYES JACMEL, 2020-2021

FEOE EFE students with muisc.png
LT students at computer.png
Youpi Youpi Christmas paerty, December 2020.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 10.14.48 AM.png
Four among marvelous students learning with tablets.png

Working with tablets, December 2020, to learn from the 592 hours of Lessons recorded in digital audio and video files from Mme. Franck Paul's 243-page textbook, Mon Livre Unique, so that first-year students
everywhere in Haiti can learn to read and write. Lèkol Toupatou!

Madame Paul and colleague with Prix Rochombe.png

Mme, Franck Paul receives award from educators in Haiti for her decades of service, November 202. She founded College Canapé-Vert in 1974, The College--oh, unknown Haiti!--has since graduated
more than 21,000 students.


Students like their Mon Livre Unique and like even more Lèkol Toupatou!

The plAn
of Many Partners.

Many partners of Sticking Up For Children in years past
can deliver aid to the three southern Departments of Haiti--Sud, Grand Anse, and Nippes--hard-hit by the August 14 earthquake. Urgent needs are for food, medical supplies, water, and shelter. In 2016 Mme. Marie-Jo Poux, founder and main sustainer of the
Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE) orphanage in Port-au-Prince, organized caravans of trucks bearing rice and volunteers among the teaching staff at Principal Jonathand Saintiné's École Foyer Espoir (EFE) to the south after Hurricane Matthew. Thousands of pounds of food were delivered.

Another integral resource are Marie-Lyne and Lupson Pasteur, founders of the Youpi Youpi school in Cayes Jacmel on Haiti's southern coast. Lupson ("Ti Pas") is a builder with many decades, too, behind him. He and crews have more doubled the size of the Youpi Youpi school. He was a principal in rebuilding Haiti after the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

Lupson grew up in the Department of Nippes. He estimates that with $5000 U.S. he can provide 25 units
of family-housing in Nippes. Astonishing! That's an economy of $200 per familiy-unit. We know, however, that Haitians are capable of doing great things with little.

Lupson promises day-by-day video of his and other crews' work.

We ask for your help. Any and all help is welcome, but
cash is in this urgency likely to accomplish the most 
in terms of answering those that we understand are greatest: food, water (yes, water), medical supplies, and shelter. 

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