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MARCH 2020

March 11

The team at College Canapé-Vert continue to record

Lessons from the 25 Modules for first-years students in  the 243-page textbook, Mon Livre Unique, authored by Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul. Mon Livre Unique serves 110,000 across Haiti each year.

Sticking Up For Children received eight more recordings of Lessons from chief engineer Raphael Lijinsky early this month. Madame Paul reports that the team of six

(Claude Bernard Sérant of Le Nouvelliste not pictured below) expect to finish the textbook's 25 Modules by June. Congratulations to them! They're wonder-workers

in the difficult and deprived city of Port-au-Prince.

Next September, audio and text for mobile phones will

be available to make universal literacy possible across Haiti.


The Team recording Lessons at College Canapé-Vert--Viergela Jeannot Jean, Marie Marthe B. Franck Paul, Lijensky  Raphaël, Mona Messeroux Philippe, and Natacha Desmangues Romage.

Students at École Foyer Espoir in Delmas of Port-aud-Prince have completed three weeks of exams, catching

up from the three months they lost due to highly justifiable protests' "lockdown" of schools last Autumn.

They and staff such as Principal Jonathand Saintiné

work very hard.

See below some of the EFE students' enthusiasm. It's

easy to believe that such energy can succeed at any improvement.

Happy children at EFE overflowing.png
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The Musical Beds for our Portable Schools have already gained tracks this month.

Tata Monk.png

Alex de Grassi, one of the great, living composers and players for acoustic guitar, gave SUFC five tracks for use with our Musical Beds. one track from his The Water Garden album, "Another Shore", and two from his Now and Then--Folk Songs for the 21st Century, "Single Girl" and "When Johnny Comes Marchin Home". and two from his album with Quique Cruz of Chile, "Sanchaly" and "Encuentros". Each will be enhancing to students as they  learn and imagine.

Alex, Don, Alison, Jon, Katrina, Tim, Ma

Longtime friends in Redwood Valley, California. Alex, Don, Jon and Katrina, Tim standing.

Alison and Maryse sitting. Photo by Vergilia Dakin, Tim's partner. Shining faces tell good jokes!

In California we also got to spend time with distance-running buddy and 3D-printing expert Brock Hinzmann

and with Chef Paul Canales of Oakland's Duende. Both

have supported SUFC over years. We visited Harrison Chastang of the mighty KPOO in San Francisco Saturday morning, talking and playing tracks over two hours.


KPOO bannder of 80+ album-covers.png

KPOO plays a hugely eclectic range of music throughout its weekly schedule.

On Thursday, March 5 SUFC participated in the City Council of New Orleans declaring its Proclamation of Germaine Bazzle Day in the city. Germaine--musician,

educator, example--thoroughly deserves such honors.

You can see more about her on another page of this site.

Germaine Bazzle Day, March 5, 2020--City

Family and friends of Germaine Bazzle gathered in the City of New Orleans Council's chambers for

her Day, March 5, 2020. Lead sponsor Kristin Gisleson Palmer and Helena Moreno, Jay Banks, and

Cyndi Nguyen are present.

Herlin, Germaine, Maryse, photo by Don P

Herlin Riley, Germaine Bazzle, and Maryse Philippe Déjean.

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