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Music & Arts Days bring parents and children and musicians together.


As drummers drum and other players add their instruments' voices,, children and their parents and creators of any age turn drumsticks into art-work with paint-pens.


Drumsticks-as-art, voila!


Alfred Roberts, Johnny Vidacovich, Fanfan, Gaynielle Neville, Cyril Neville, Alexey Marti, Steve Campbell and Lindsay Rust, Evan Christopher, Donald Harrison, Charlie Wooton, Matthew Shilling, Morikeba Kouyaté, Barry Stephenson, .... have played at our Music & Arts Days and Festivas de Drumsticks.


Stanton Moore, Pedrito Martinez, John Paris of Earth, Wine & Fire, Steve Smith of Journey, Hamid Drake and Jojo Mayer, Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins, James Singleton, David Torkanowsky, William Parker, Yasiin Bey, and the late, great and  unforgettable Idris Muhammad have signed sticks.


There's always magic when parents and children create together! Music & Arts Days. voila!


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