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The Album First

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“LOUISIANA STORIES”, the Album and Stage-Show, spans the richness of Louisiana. Its pieces offer a Whole Experience of musics, generations and geographies. It evokes characters and scenes large as their life. It calls forth cultures splendid as any in the Americas. Dancing accompanies all its Tracks on-stage. It presents New Orleans, Acadiana, northern Woods and western Cheniers, 'Delta, Crescent, and the Bayou.' Its main instrument is a Band of fabulous lyricism, range and expressiveness, Don Paul and Rivers Answer Moons--Roger Lewis on four Saxophones and Flute, Kirk Joseph on Sousaphone and 

Pedal Effects, Don Vappie on Banjo and Guitars, Herman Lebeaux on Drums-Set and Sounds-Library. Writer and vocalist Don Paul is likened to Shakespeare by David Amram, 'the Renaissance man of American music'--'Like S Shakespeare, Jack Kerouac, Langston Hughes, Virginia Woolf, and Carson McCullers, Don Paul uses word like music.' 

Above and beyond anything else, LOUISIANA STORIES

and Don Paul and Rivers Answer Moons MOVE bodies and minds.

Please listen. 'Marsha's' and 'Jack Groves' each depicts a

great character who 'centers' vivid milieus. 'Marsha's', the first Track from DPRAM 2024 released through PlayMPE,

reached #3 in Charts from responses by more than 3100 Radio-Stations and other Media, this past June. Alexey Marti is guest on Congas and Cajon. Please click to play.




Marie Cordier (Marsha), mighty mother of three.​​​

Jack Groves, 'my first Driller in the Oil-Field,'

liked Bukka White, that old boy who played

and sung him some Blues you believed. ​​​

Screen Shot 2024-07-10 at 10.47.56 AM.png

Dancing is part of every Louisiana Story. As

"Louisiana Days, Louisiana Nights" repeats,

'Freedom here be like nowhwere else.'​​​

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