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The Album First

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“LOUISIANA STORIES” is of 12 songs and poems that span the State from New Orleans to Acadiana. The Album blends musics. Its Tracks evoke everyday but transcendent people and places ... 'Marsha's' and 'Jack Groves' ... The wheelchair-athletes of 'The Dreamers and the Believers'  ... The eternal voice of "My Mother's Spirit Speaks To Me", blowing across the Mississippi/

“LOUISIANA STORIES” carries Dancing as well as Musing into every Track and every Stage-Piece. You can feel songs' and poems' rhythms in their titles ... "Storms Arise From The Eyes Of Men" ... "Carrying The Saxophones" ... "Get Your JAM On!" ... "Trains Keep A-Coming To the Lights Of Dawn" ... Always hope arises through people's wills and senses ... As the opening Track and Stage-Piece, "Louisiana Days, Louisiana Nights", tells: 'Freedom here be like nowhere else."   
























How about a Track? How about some music? "Get Your JAM On!" with Rivers Answer Moons and guest artists Erica Falls and Mario Abney.


_Get Your JAM On!_ with FTC, Don Paul & Rivers Answer Moons
00:00 / 05:30
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      (Proceeds from the Album and Show of  "LOUISIANA STORIES"
         will benefit the Partner Schools of
Sticking Up For Children)


















Principal to “LOUISIANA STORIES” are Don Paul & Rivers Answer Moons. This Band is of Roger Lewis and Kirk Joseph of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Herman Lebeaux of 20 years with Allen Toussaint's Orchestra, and Don Vappie of Jazz Créole. Many guests grace the album, including Mario Abney. Lynn Drury, Erica Falls, Alexey Marti, and Cole Williams

About Don Paul, David Amram, the 'Renassiance Man of American Music' (Boston Globe), wrote: 'Like Shakespeare,

Jack Kerouac, Langston Hughes, Virginia Woolf, and Carson McCullers, Don Paul uses words like music.' 


Here's another Track by Don Paul & Rivers Answer Moons. "Bobee (What A Spirit Walks That Way)" See if you want to dance. See if you are moved. See if you are moved as you do dance!  



_Bobee (What A Spiri Walks That Way)_ with voices
00:00 / 05:06
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