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APRIL 2021

Partners and Projects

Musicians in Youth Orchestras of New Orl

Youth Orchestras

in Haiti and New Orleans 

Don, Jeff and Maryse, April 6, 2021, New

Hungry for Music

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Lekol Toupatou! /

School Everywhere!

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Jean Montes conducting.png

Dr. Jean Montes is Director of Orchestral Studies at 

Loyola University in New Orleans. Jean also directs the

Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra and the Youth

Orchestra of Port-au-Prince. Since 2010 he's brought

post-earthquake instruments to the Holy Trinity Music

School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, his alma mater. Jean

has performed as guest cellist or guest conductor with

more than ten Orchestras across North America. He's 

partnered with Sticking Up For Children since 2014, when he and master drummer Fanfan Louis Damas led

a song within Haiti's exhibit at the Children's World's Fair in the New Orleans Children's Museum.

This April, SUFC passed along two trumpets and three violins to the Youth Orchestra that Dr. Jean Montes directs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Jean Montes with trumpet for Youth Orche
Jean Mones and Maryse P. Dejean, April 2

Dr. Jean Montes and Maryse Philippe Déjean

Hungry for Music donations, with Snapdra

Seven instruments donated to Sticking Up

For Children by Hungry for Music.

Musicians in Youth Orchestras of New Orl

Musicians in the Youth Orchestras of New Orleans and Port-au-Prince, directed by Jean Montes, combining online to play "Guantanamaera" during the COVID Summer of 2020. 

Click the collage above to HEAR and SEE the combined New Orleans and Port-au-Prince Youth Orchestra, June of 2020!

19 students with HFM provided instrument

19--count 'em!--students and their instruments--one photo of many that are uplifting on the excellent Hungry for Music website.  

Hungry for Music began with founders' dreams 27 years ago in Washington, DC. Since 1994 HFM has delivered more than 15,000 musical instruments to students in 49 States and 30 Nations. Director Jeff Campell, a native of 

Shreveport, LA now living in the Shenadoah Valley, travels in person to drop off or pick up donations. He,

his staff and volunteers are admired models to us of SUFC. Click below to an 11-minute interview with Jeff about HFM's continuing its mission despite difficulties from COVID-19 in 2020-2021.

FEPE students with jazz insturments, Feb

Students from the FEPE orphanage and  

EFE school with instruments contributed

by Hungry for Music, February 2020.


Nashville. TN--Music for Life Alliance, Muriel 



Louisville. KY--Louisville

River City Drum Corps,

Albert H. Shumake IV.

Jeff Campbell.png

Jeff. Video on the HFM website shows

how volunteer donors and collectors

work together.

HFM Mestizo students with sign of thanks

Hungry for Music and Jeff Campbell began their 2021

tour of drop-offs and pick-ups of hundreds of instruments

in late March. The tour was like a Rock 'n' Roll song in terms of places met. Jeff and his van reached Nashville, Louisville, West Virginia, Nsew Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, San Antonio, Miami, ... 

Check out Hungry For Music's Facebook dispatches.

Jeff stopped for an hour to talk with Maryse and me on

April 7. The 11 minutes below are some highlights from 

a healing journey.

JEFF CAMPBELL INTERVIEW, April 2021 .mpArtist Name
00:00 / 12:26

"Wow!" after "Wow!", Maryse and I exlclaim--

The lift music brings to Jeff, growing up, with the bounce of Brass--

From the 'Coalition Against Hunger' to 'Hungry For Music'--

Baseball-song compilation 'Diamond Cuts' with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen,

George Winston a big hit--

From an instrument a day to 1300, 1400 per year donated--

49 States and 30 Nations--"Wow!" "Wow!"

Violins to Mexico, a "large band" in Uganda, and students become teachers--

"I hope that I'll be led to help more kids ... That's always been our thing"--

60 Chapters of HFM in 60 Cities across the U.S. a prospect--

Special thanks to the D'Addario Foundation--

Thanks from Maryse "for all that you do!"

HFM Creating Smiles .png

New Orleans--Roots of Muisic,

Suzanne Raether and Morgan



New Orleans--Passin' It On, Leslie Cooper.

Another sign of thanks.

School Everywhere! / Lekòl Toupatou! continues progress ... 

Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 3.24.51 PM.png
Madame Franck Paul et Lijensky--the Neve
Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 3.26.33 PM.png

despite many difficulties in Haiti.

The never-ending nobility of work. Above, multiple valedictorian Raphael Lijensky engineers for Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul in fine-tuning Lessons and Modules from the 592 Hours of audio and video recorded for the project of bringing universal literacy to Haiti through the
243 pages of Madame Franck Paul's Mon Livre Unique textbook for first-year students in Haiti. 

Hear Madame Paul's superbly sympathetic voice for teaching in Bandcamp excerpts HERE and HERE and HERE.

First she teaches the imaginary student "Simone" in the 
languages of French, Haitian Kréyol, English and Spanish.
Then she teaches Hygiene. Then--of course for Haiti--she 
teaches Poesia.   

Also on this Bandcamp album are Maryse Philippe Déjean
reading her aunts stirring 'Greetings' to students and parents
for 2021 and David Amram remembering Jack Kerouac.

Hear the whole of sample Lessons from Madame Franck Paul
on our March 2021 Update.

Amine with Mon Libvre.png
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