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        Sticking Up For Children

Is Picking Up Again in July 2020

Jean-Herve Paul, Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul,

and Amor Boubakri, January 29, 2020

Herlin Riley, Germaine Bazzle, and Maryse

Philippe Déjean at Germaine Bazzle Day,

March 5, New Orleans City Council

EFE students 1 28 2020 #2.png

Schoolchildren at École Foyer Espoir in Delmas, Port-au-Prince, January 28

Herlin, Germaine, Maryse, photo by Don P
Jean, Madame Paul, and Amor.png

Sticking Up For Children and our great partners among

educators, musicians and students in Haiti and New Orleans did quite a lot in the first three months of 2020. We brought musical instruments and recording equipment to Miami and then to Port-au-Prince. We completed editing and mastering a double album from our Concert honoring Kidd Jordan last November at the New Orleans Jazz Museum. We worked with the City of New Orleans and Council members Jason Williams, Jay Banks, and Kristen Gisleson Palmer for the City's Tim Green Day on February 6 and Germaine Bazzle Day on 

March 5. We produced a poster that presented excerpts

from Haiti's liberating and inclusive Constitution of 1805.

Mostly, though, we admired the progress of our partners.

Please see the months of January, February, and March 2020 up till COVID-19 blocked a great deal from going forward. Students and teachers at College Canapé Vert and École Foyer Espoir were attending classes two hours extra per day to make up for education lost in 2019. After

COVID-19 prevented attendance at physical schools in Haiti, the same teams (teachers and students) partnered for online and by-phone learning. Also, Lessons and Module's from Madame Franck Paul's textbook for first-year students across Haiti, Mon Livre Unique, continued to be recorded in the effort then named, Portable Schools.

The project has persevered. It's also grown. Its title now

is School Everywhere and its scope now is international.

It will record poems, songs, speeches and tales for listening everywhere. Often music will accompany the pieces. Universal literacy for Haiti through Madame Paul's Lessons

remains our goal. The additional charge now is to offer literature and inspiration from Kréyol, English, French, Spanish, and other sources.



The Team recording Lessons at College Canapé-Vert--Viergela Jeannot Jean, Marie Marthe B. Franck Paul, Lijensky Raphaël, Mona Messeroux Philippe, and Natacha Desmangues Romage, March 6, 2020.

Jared, Helena, ... .jpg

Councilman Jared Brossett, President Helena Moreno, lead sponsor Councilman Jason Williams, Council woman Cyndi Leung, Don Paul, Tim Green's sister Dianne Greenrainey, Tim's brother Mark Green, Mark's wife Marcy, Maryse Philippe Déjean, Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson Palmer, and Andrew McLean, February 6, 2020.

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