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Progress in Haiti and with our Contributing Artists

       School Everywhere!          

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Progress in Haiti and with our Contributing Performers

leaps and bounds on.


The School Everywhere! Team led by Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul in Port-au-Prince is now into video of their Lessons. They've completed seven of 25 Modules for first-year students from the textbook Mon Livre Unique.  Each audio and video Module from the 243-page textbook is about 25 minutes long.  The Team is on its way to making Universal Literacy available

across Haiti through audio and video Lessons.

At the same time, artists in the United States have contributed tracks of poems and songs and music as

'Lagniappe for Learning'. School Everywhere! now has

a poem/track from John Sinclair and his New Orleans Blues Scholars; a Spiritual from Cole Williams, 'The

Tyger' by William Blake, and 'Found' by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. All of this first batch of the Lagniappe can be heard on bandcamp.

Check out below excerpts from Module 1 of the 25

Lessons. Now a first-year student anywhere, anytime,

can become literate through audio and video that's completely mobile, thanks to Madame Paul and the

Team of students and teachers in Port-au-Prince!


Some of our Favorite People in the Universe are among the first round of Performers of Lagniappe for Learning

in the School Everywhere! program--David Amram, Jonathan Richman, John Sinclair, and Cole Williams.

Check out contributions below, for early August, as children return to school in Haiti.

POEMS and SONGS,     

  AUGUST 11, 2020

Click on Titles for Pages with Lyrics and Links.

"We Just Change The Beat"

John Sinclair and His Blues Scholars


"Wade In The Water"

Cole Williams

Cole as show-host.png

'The Tyger' by William Blake,

read by Maryse Philippe Déjean

'The Tyger'.png

'Found' by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,

translated by Michael Hamburger

and read by Don Paul

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