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'Full-Spectrum Art'--Hobart Taylor, KUCI, University of California Irvine.

'Like Shakespeare, Jack Kerouac, Langston Hughes and Carson McCullers, Don Paul uses words like music'--David Amram.

'Some of the most superbly creative, funky fun you'll ever hear'--Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Review, on Don Paul's 2022 album LOVE OVER WAR.

'There's no denying the art of what Lewis is doing'--Dodie Louis Gould on Roger Lewis 2022 album ALRIGHT!. 'Free, funky, bluesy, endlessly creative, fun, unpredictable, independent, jazzy, and a gumbo of influences'--Allen Michie in ArtsFuse on ALRIGHT! .

'An exemplar of New Orleans rhythm'--Nate Chinen on Herlin Riley in the New York Times. 'I wondered at how much sound, how much life, could come from the drum'--Tod A. Smith on Herlin Riley.  

'Sousaphonist Kirk Joseph is as fast and funky as any electric bassist'--Geoffrey Himes in the Washington Post. 'Sir Kirk ... is such an obvious star ...
a one-in-a-million player'--Elvis Costello.

Rick, Roger, Don, Herlin, Kirk, photo by Maryse.png

With the great engineer and musician Rick G. Nelson, Marigny Recording Studio,  August 2021. Roger, Don, Herlin, Kirk. Photo by Maryse Philippe Déjean.

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Because the River

Answers to the Moon

And gathers silt

From all its Streams

Sky and River

Never choose

Who touches them

And whom they touch.

Coming in Autumn 2023, Louisiana Stories, combining musics of New Orleans
and Acadiana with very special guests.

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•LOUISIANA STORIES AlbumfrontCOVER Sept2023.png
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