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           Madame Franck Paul's song

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Her modesty is equal to her genius.

Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul is one who grows the more you know about her and from her. Her modesty is equal to her genius--a rare thing. Eight years passed in our acquaintance--from January 2014 to November 2022--before she disclosed that she'd written and recorded songs for her students early in this century.

Such efforts are reasons why Madame Franck Paul at age 86 won this years Prix Joseph de Charles for her work since 1953 with Education and Culture in Haiti. Please see the article by Claude Bernard Sérant in Le Nouvelliste.


Madame Franck Paul wins the 2022 Prix Joseph D. Charles--piece by Claude Bernard Sérant fo

Today we present one of the Chansons that Mme. Franck Paul wrote for students before the 2010 earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince. She then recorded it--and nine other Chansons--with an evocative, tuneful singer and a tight band.

The Chanson, "Loulou", intends to teach the "Ou" vowel-sound. It tells a story and uses words that repeat that sound. You may hear and see and smile. The boy Loulou takes hold of a hen by its neck. "Loulou a tenu le cou de la poule". Hear and see those "ou" sounds. Very clever--very fun, Maryse and I think. of fun! We translate the the chorus of Madame Franck Paul's song as: "Loulou is not polite / Ou! Ou! Ou!"

We hope that you enjoy "Loulou." Also, we're very glad to announce that Madame Franck Paul's Chansons will be part of the music that accompanies her life's-work
project of Lèkol Toupatou (School Everywhere) for Universal Literacy in Haiti. 

This piece under 'The Power of Good' tab will be duplicated under the Lèkol Toupatou tab. Please check out the first five Days of video Lessons for Lèkol Toupatou

See whether you'd like to contribute (Donate) to this effort and link to Schools and students in Haiti.

Madame Franck Paul and her Lèkol Toupatou 
Team are just some of Sticking Up For Children's Partners who exemplify the Power of Good.  


_Loulou_ by Madame Franck PaulArtist Name
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_Loiulou et La Poule_.png
_Loulou Is Not Polite (Ou! Ou! Ou!)_--translation of Amine's Chanson into English.png
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