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You can read 18 Appreciations of Kidd by musicians and/or writers here

You can view the 4-page booklet that went to concert-goers at the New Orleans Jazz Museum here.

Sticking Up For Children has a Double-LP of SEVENTH SUN and a 12-page

booklet about Kidd and the concert in the works. Write to us at SUFC2077@ if you'd like to pre-order. The Double-LP is $20 and the full-color booklet is $10, shipping within North America included (add $5 for Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.)

Proceeds benefit the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp, the Kidd Jordan Institute for Jazz and Modern Music, Sticking Up For Children, and the five musicians of Rivers of Dreams (Roger, Carl, Herlin, Kirk, and Michael) who played in the concert.

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