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Across Haiti, for Haiti, from Haiti
         and Round the World!

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Madame Paul and colleague with Prix Roch

Lèkol Toupatou means School Everywhere in Haitian Kréyol. The name delivers exactly what it promises. Lèkol Toupatou brings to the Caribbean nation of Haiti, through hundreds of Hours of audio and video Lessons, the opening for any first-year student to learn to read and write. Universal literacy is coming from Haitians to Haitians.

Mon livre unique de tere Annee by M.M. F
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Three of SUFC's partners in Schools
of Port-au-Prince. Mme. Marie-jo
Poux of the FEPE orphanage, Mme.
Marie-Marthe Franck Paul, and Mme.
Mireille Chéry Antoine of College
Canapé-Vert, at graduation of
students from Ecole Foyer Espoir,
June 2018.

Lèkol Toupatou is the fulfillment of a life's work by Madame Marie Marthe Balin Franck Paul. Since age 17
Madame Franck Paul has taught School in Haiti. Since
1974 she's been Principal of College Canapé-Vert in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince. She's also been Mayor of this city (1986-1988) and Secretary of Education for Haiti. Her 243-page textbook for first-year students, Mon Livre Unique (see above) is the basis for the audio and video of Lèkol Toupatou / School Everywhere.

Le Nouvelliste and Canal Haiti are among the media in Haiti that have profiled Madame Franck Paul since 2015.

Madame Franck Paul's greeting to students and parents this year said: "
The good news is that now School can come to you! In any Department, or Section, or Commune of Haiti, you can receive the education that will give you the powers that come with literacy. You can learn to read and write four languages—our Haitian Kréyol, and French, and even English and Spanish.

All people, wherever you are, know the joy that School will come to you!"

You can hear SUFC's Maryse Philippe Déjean read her aunt's Greetings on Bandcamp. This 'album' on Bandcamp also presents the likewise great David Amram recalling (in French) Jack Kerouac's reciting of Victor Hugo. On Bandcamp, too, you can hear David play several instruments of the Caribbean and Latin America for students in Haiti and hear him talk about the uplifting meeting between two historically major drummers, Max Roach of the U.S. and Ti RoRo of Haiti. 


David with Don and Maryse.png

David Amram with Don Paul and Maryse Phlippe Déjean in a Zoom
recording, September 2020.

College Canape-Vert, front 2018.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 8.25.39 AM.png

Max Roach acknowledged Ti Roro
as one of the world's greatest
drummers and musicians.

More accomplishments. Funded by families' savings, College Canapé-Vert re-opened as new construction four year's after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince. 

LT forming the a.png

Forming the letter ... Remember 
how it was to learn to write. Part of
video for Module 1 in the Lessons of
Lekol Toupatou. 

Madame Franck-Paul and her Team of students, teachers and technicians have fine-tuned, this year, the 25 Module of Lessons in Mon Livre Unique that make up Lèkol Toupatou. You can listen to their great work in the players alongside. They've persevered through 18 months, many of those months in which School was closed due to COVID-19.

Now they're ready to offer their work to the world. Tuesday, June 15, is the LAUNCH. Module 1 and its
10 Days of Lessons will be accessible on this website
and over Haiti's widely popular Radio Karibe

"Know the joy that School will come to you!"

LAUNCH of Lèkol Toupatou is accompanied by a STACK of music from Supporters of Sticking Up For Children--
David Amram, Boukman Eksperyans,  Alex de Grassi, Kidd Jordan, William Parker, Jonathan Richman, and Rivers of Dreams

Here the Lessons from Madame Franck Paul are accompanied by music from Lòlò and members of Boukman Eksperyans and music from Hamid Drake and Alex de Grassi of The GALLOP Trio, from the 
Suspect Many, and from a Rivers of Dreams Trio with Mario Abney, Nick Benoit, and Michael Torregano Jr.


Part of the Team who have made Lèkol Toupatou happen!

Anaconana detail azure with red yellow d

       The STACK
for Lèkol Toupatou

1. "Kidd Jordan's Second-Line", Rivers of Dreams
2. "Cosmic Funk", William Parker with Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez
and Ensemble
3. "Theme and Fanfare for the Road & Variation / 
Oklahoma Stomp Dance", David Amram and Colorado Symphony
"Kan'w Pran'w Konen", Boukman Eksperyans
5. "Mr. B Takes A Walk In The Rain", Alex de Grassi
6. "The Fading Of An Old World", Jonathan Richman

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