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Germaine Bazzle is another treasure of gifts and heritage peculiar to Louisiana and New Orleans. Like Kidd Jordan, she's taught music in this State since the middle 1950s. She too remains on the faculty the Louis "Satchmo" Summer Jazz Camp in New Orleans. She

too continues to illuminate performances with completely giving

excellence. She's nearly 88 and still she dances while inimitably scatting with her trio of Larry Sieberth, Peter Harris and Simon Lott,

Sunday nights at the Jazz Playhouse. Her artistry has grown from world-class to transcendent and her range takes listeners from tender wonder to galloping infatuation--from a foggy London day to

falling in love and all with that thing called swing. Her capacities for

communication are now like a story by Chekhov.

Read Molly Reid on Germaine. 'When I grow up, I want to be like

Germaine Bazzle.'

Germaine by Kichea.png

Photo by Kichea S. Burt.

Yesterday, March 5, 2020, the City of New Orleans declared this date  Germaine Bazzle Day. City Council members Kristin Gisleson Palmer and Jay Banks were lead sponsors of the Proclamation. They spoke on

Germaine, as did several friends and family.

Sticking Up For Children helped to connect parties in this Day for Germaine. We feel about her as we do about Kidd, David Amram, and

Madame Marie-Marthe Balin Franck Paul. We're astounded by what they do and we're uplifted by their presence.

Germaine Bazzle Day, March 5, 2020--City

City Council members Helena Moreno, Jay Banks, Kristin Gisleson Palmer, and Cyndi Nguyen are present. Photo by Maryse Philippe Déjean.

Herlin, Germaine, Maryse, photo by Don P

Herlin Riley, Germaine, and Maryse with the City's Proclamation.

Herlin Riley, bandleader, composer, and among the world's most accomplished and expressive on drums-set and percussion, praised

Ms. Bazzle as a mentor and model. "I asked her how she went from being this example of perfect dignity, just so classy, you know, to dancing like she does on stage. She told me it was all about giving what you have got to give. Jus being yourself."

Helena, Cyndi, Kristin, Jay, Germaine, M

Many were moved as Germaine talked about how life in the past several years has surprised her. "I'm a vessel." Photo by Kia Robinson

(a former student of Germaine's) of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage


Eugenia "Jeannie" Adams delivered something special--an acrostic

appreciation of her friend. Council-person Palmer said: "Let's close

with that!"


Jeannie Adams with her acrostic tribute to Germaine. Jeannie wrote, laid out, and had printed her tribute in less than 24 hours, following SUFC's call to her. Photo by Maryse.

Eugnenia's final assemblage of words for

Hearing Germaine will give you her art and being, straight-on and

direct ("Straight on / Down to the coffee grounds," Alfonso Texidor once phrased the transmission of essences.). In December 2018 Maryse and I interviewed Germaine for the series that became 'Spiritual as Music.' You can hear her eloquence and hear her and

many more musicians in their song in Hour One, Hour Two, and

Hour Three.

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