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Music and Community 

David Amram, 91, Talks about His Inspirations

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"Every time I look at JAMBARS I feel good because I see that people are doing SOMETHING for others."


"JAMBARS are a very tiny but important part of … realizing the idea that what we eat is important."


"Well, my sources of inspiration are the beauty that surrounds us."

David Amram in conversation with Don Paul, April 20, 2022









David Amram is a composer, conductor, bandleader, and never-ending collaborator. David plays French horn, piano, guitar, penny whistles, …

and many other instruments across Hemispheres round the world. 

He’s performed with Thelonius Monk, Jack Kerouac, Leonard Bernstein, Dizzy Gillespie, Bob Dylan, … and written the scores for “Pull My Daisy”, “The Manchurian Candidate”, “Splendor in  The Gras”, “After the Fall”, “This Land”, and …. 

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David turned 91 on November 17, 2021. This year he’s already gigged in Tulsa, Oklahoma to celebrate Woody Guthrie —in Beverly Hills and Echo Park of Los Angeles to celebrate Kerouac —and in Sarasota, Florida with Dick Hyman for the Ear Research Foundation















David digs JAMBARs ( and the “idea” behind JAMBARs. He’s been eating them since last July. He says that they’re “delicious and nutritious. “ Please see and hear excerpts from his ZOOM talk with Don Paul on April 20, 2022, David in Beacon (how apt!), New York, and Don in New Orleans.

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