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David Amram, now 92 and "one of the most talented musicians in the universe" (Pete Seeger), is a long-time supporter of Sticking Up For Children and our Partners. We talk with David about his "inspirations." One of those inspirations turns out to be JAMBAR, the new 'organic artisan energy-bar' whose donations have fed hundreds of students in Haiti. Find out more about David
Amram and his performances here.


'David Amram is the Renaissance Man of American music.'
Boston Globe 

'If you have not yet encountered this extraordinary man of music,
you will marvel at his multiple gifts as a composer, conductor, and
solo instrumentalist.'
Bob Sherman, New York Times

'A Godsend to those who believe in the power of music to change
lives and inspire.'
Wynton Marsalis

DAVID PERFORMING SEPT 2022, age. 91.png

David, 'artist emeritus' of the annual Trips Festival in
Greenwich Village, performs there in September 2022.

David and Dizzy,  PBS 1986.png

David performs with Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Haynes, Percy Heath and Walter Davis in a tribute to Thelonius Monk, 1986, Constitution Hall, Washington DC. Check out the performance on YouTube, thanks to Ky Hote.

Don and David in ZOOM conversation, April 20, 2022.png

A typical moment in the Zoom conversation between David and
Don, April 20, 2022.


David talks about his inspirations. "Well, my sources of inspiration are  the beauty that surrounds us, ... the magic that's part of life."

David thanks Madame Franck Paul of College Canapé-Vert and

Lèkol Toupatou (School Everywhere). "Merci, bon travail ... I hope that someday I have the pleasure of meeting you, so that then I can thank you in person."


David has a new Quartet of friends--JAMBARs! "Every time I look at JAMBARS I feel good because I see that people are doing SOMETHING for others."


"JAMBARs are a tiny but very important new way of ... realizing that ... what we eat is important." Check out the four kinds of musically named JAMBARs (founder Jennifer Maxwell is the drummer in a jazz band) and JB's partners in 'Purpose' HERE.


Keep up with David Amram via his Website. The Tabs there are loaded with riches of history--from the 1930s forward--and with his delight in both the present and future. David is a wheel that's steady throwing light.

Hear David recall and evoke his career and artists and places he loves through three Hours in the 'Spiritual as Music' series. Hear much of his deeply variegated music and his appreciations of characters and scenes, there.

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