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Photos of performance by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee. Photos from intermission by Keith Hill.  Video of Second-Line closing show by Keith.

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'Because the River'
'The Dreamers and the Believers'

'Jack Groves'
'K Balewa'
'Suzanne Corley'
'José Cruz'

                        BREAK FOR TALK

'Maybe You See Horses'
    (from and for Kidd Jordan)


The Hug ith Julie while John and Fred's
DPRAM with NANCY phone-video-ing closing 2nd-Line for Marigny Oepra House show June 5 2024
DPRAM close of Marigny Opera House show, June 5 2024 2nd Line with audinece to St. Ferdina

Marie-Jo Poux, founder of the Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants (FEPE)
orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with Pat Jolly, who's contributed endless to New Orleans' music and culture over 35+ years, and Maryse.

Putting heads together: Deanna Bernard and Cathie Ruggerio, both of them huge helps to Sticking Up For Children over 10 years, after this show.

Angela King and Julie Jacobs, two more who have benefited (like Jennifer Maxwell of JAMBAR and Katrina Frey of Frey Wines) Sticking Up For Children from the first year that Cyril and Gaynielle Neville passed this idea and trust along. Angela's Gallery on Royal Street represents Big Chief Shaka Zulu, Aaron Reichert, Michelle Gagliano, Woodrow Nash, and 21 more among artists of the world.

Remember: If we all keep sticking up for children, the unborn may get to 2077 with A.I. like a bad dream, well-served as best forgotten, behind them.

A little Lagniappe, we hope. The DPRAM Track 'Jack Groves' as it's come along since March of this year, part of our LOUISIANA STORIES Album-in-Progress. Click on the roughnecks below and and you can jump to this portrait of 'my first driller / From Lake Charles, Louisiana' over on my 'Stands the Human Being' ('In the center of all, and object of all, stands the Human Being'--Walt Whitman, 1888) Substack.

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