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Isabelle Jacopin

Isabelle Jacopin is a painter from Brittany, France, who lives most of each year in the
French Quarter of New Orleans. 
Isabelles work is admired by many musicians
in Cuba, Europe, and the U.S. Her work is rich
in colors and suggestions and reveals far more than the figurative.
Isabelle has gifted Sticking Up For Children
with many creations over the past three years.
Her Little MusicMaker painting is available as a
photogloss poster for $25 12x18 inches and $50 16x24 inches. Click on the Little MusicMaker to
You can see more work by Isabelle at

Part of a large painting by Isabelle, inspired by her hometown in France,  like a late Monet. Photo by Maryse Déjean.

Isabelle painted one of the Evans drumheads donated to SUFC by the DAddario Foundation . This painted drumheard

was purchased by Ken and Melba Ferdinand.  It now hangs

in the Café Rose Nicaud of New Orleans.

Isabelle with one of her paintings in the French Quarter

of New Orleans..

 Sandra Nkaké. Click to hear her song "Like A Buffalo"

SUFC supporters Hamid Drake and William Parker.  Click to hear them play "Black Cherry"

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