SCHOOL EVERYWHERE!


                  David Amram records in French

      for Haitian students and School Everywhere!

The great composer ("The Manchurian Candidate", "After the Fall", "This Land", ...), conductor (New York Philharmonic, Houston Symphony Orchestra), Classical

and Folk and Jazz musician joined Maryse Philippe Déjean

and Don Paul on September 2, via Zoom, to greet students in Haiti and to play instruments of the Caribbean

and to tell stories that illustrated Haiti's greatness--Max

Roach meeting Ti RoRo, Jack Kerouac reciting Victor Hugo, and more.

Here, to begin with our making "a start", as David says, David greets students in his gentle French and demonstrates a Guatamalan ocarina and two kinds of flute. David Amram turns 90 this coming November.

Go to SOUNDCLOUD HERE for David's greeting to Haitian students and his tracing of flute's music to birds' songs.

Go HERE for his playing of a Guatamalan ocarina.

Go HERE for his playing of flute and penny-whistle.

(I regret that Wix Music Player won't let me embed the SoundCloud players directly. Maybe Wix will fix this impairment soon.)