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January 2016 SUFC gives checks, sets schedule

Thanks to continued support from Jennifer Maxwell and other contributors, Sticking Up For Children began 2016 with checks-giving to two of our main youth-education partners, the Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants orphanage in Port-au-Prince and the Kuumba Institute of the Ashé Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans.

These partners provide tremendous amounts of goods and services to their students!

Constance Thompson, accepting support for FEPE, and Frederick Hollywod Delahoussaye, director of the Kuumba Instiutte

We also set our schedule of Music & Arts Days and the date for Festiva #4 in the Ashé's Big Room at 1724 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard in Central City. Thanks to Monica Paul, Viola Johnson, and always to Carol Bebelle for the facilitations! Photo

above by Jo Ann Minor of the Ashé CAC.

You'll note that something new is added to SUFC's events. We're having an Art Day

at the Whole Foods Market at Arabella Station, uptown New Orleans, on Saturday

afternoon, April 16, the Saturday between the French Quarter Festival and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, thanks to the graces of that Whole Foods store's Patrick Jones! It will be great!

Also, we've scheduled a Music & Arts Day in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, Feburary 27, in partnership with a clinic for young musicians sponsored by Community Unity. Community Unity is an organization co-directed by Justin Faulkner, the very gifted, hard-working, 24-year-old drummer in the Branford Marsalis Quarter, and his mother, Carol.

You can read about Justin in this Los Angeles Times' piece--

Justin Faulkner began to play drums with the Branford Marsalis Quartet when he was age 18

Middle of January, Maryse and I drove over to Acadiana for Bayou Teche Brewing's delightful Saturday afternoon music-party, Bayou Teche makes some of the most flavorful beers on Earth--with some of the most artful and flamboyant labels--and it's supported Sticking Up For Children at our past two Festivas. Here are Karlos and Stephanie Knott, co-founders of Bayou Teche Brewing with others of the centuries-deep Knott family, with their choice of a thank-you shadow-box with

drumsticks-as-art. The shadow-box that Stephanie and Karlos chose was painted

by Sticking Up For Children's co-founders Cyril and Gaynielle Neville and members

of their extended family and the drumsticks-as-art were painted by Yonrico Scott,

drummer for the Royal Southern Brotherhood, the other founding factor of SUFC.

Stephanie and Karlos Knott of Bayou Teche Brewing with shadow-box and drumsticks-as-art

Last this month, SUFC was able to provide a check of support to AninkraNOLA, a home-study school for ages Kindergarten through Grade 12. AdinkraNOLA offers

an 'individualized, experential learning environment' and presents on its website

this quote from Albert Einstein: "I never teach my pupils. I only provide the conditions in which they can learn." You can check out AdinkraNOLA here--

Sticking Up For Children has a great deal more a-building and a-budding in 2016 and we look forward to sharing the growths with you!

PS, Elizabeth Dunams, niece of the great, innovative, funk and jazz and pop and soul drummer Idris Muhammad, has offered to share in the proceeds of an auction of

the log-drum from New Guinea that Idris gave her as a means of raising money for herself after she'd particularly helped him in New Orleans. Idris was the drummer

on more than 500 recordings and himself a wonderful friend to Sticking Up For Children. You can check out him and the log-drum elsewhere on our website--!idris-muhammads-log-drum-for-3d-printer/c1dn2

Idris Muhammad's


beside Donald

Harrison, Jr.,

and Joe Dyson

in the November

2010 tribute

to Idris at

Loyola University

in New Orleans,

organized by

Donald and

the New Orleans

Jazz & Heritage


Idris' photo that accompanied the New York

Times' obituary

of him by Nate

Chinen, 'Drummer Whose Beat

Still Echoes',

on August 8,

2014. You can read Nate's

appreciation by clicking on the


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