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June, July 2016 Progress with 3D Printing and Art

Students of the Kuumba Institute of New Orleans' Ashé Cultural Arts Center heed a presentation on 3D-printing by James Catalano of Future Factory and One to One Architecture, July 8, 2016.

June and July in New Orleans is like living in a steambath with regular thundershowers. Movements are in general slowed. Port-au-Prince, Haiti has a more broiling kind of heat. Despite the weather, however, Sticking Up For Children and our youth-education partners have moved forward with 3D printing and with more collaborations and art.

In early June teachers at our youth-education partners in Port-au-Prince, the EPE School/FEPE orphanage and College Canape-Vert, completed their training in 3D printing and assembly of prosthetic hands. Johnathand Saintine and Claudine Aimé of EPE and Pierre Mendes Roseau of CCV all excelled in the multi-day workshop at Healing Hands of Haiti, according to eNABLE Foundation instructors Joe Fairley and Dante Verostas.

Here are Mendes and Jonathand with their daughters.

Mendes led a team at College Canapé-Vert in producing several objects with their Creator Pro 3D printer, a clasp

and a key-chain.

On July 8 the Kuumba Institute hosted James Catalano and Adrienne Trahan of Future Factory

in the Big Room of the Ashé Cultural Arts Center.

Kuumba Institute co-director Frederck Hollywood Dellahoussaye with Maryse Déjean, Don Paul,

James Catalano, and Adrienne Trahan and one aide and six students. All born to sparkle! Photo

by journalist and WWOZ show-host Keith Hill.

Students were attentive and enthusiastic.

The aspect of 3D printing that excited them most was its capacity to live-scan a subject--for

instance, one of them--and turn that digital scan, layer by painstaking layer of PLA filament, into a 3-dimensional plastic likeness.

Questions, answers, and volunteers were numerous and vigorous.

James scans the first Kuumba student who volunteered to have his likeness 3D-printed.

We had gifts of hand-crafted art in July, too. Anastasia Pelias ( expressed her relation to a drumhead given to Sticking Up For Children by Doobie Brothers' drummer Ed Toth, thanks to Cyril Neville&